In-person Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9AM to 2:30PM

Wednesday Schedule:

9AM – 10:40AM — Algebra 1

10:50AM – 12:30PM — Algebra 2

Lunch Break

1PM – 2:30PM — Study Block: reading, finishing assignments, independent learning for other classes

Thursday Schedule: 

9AM – 10:40AM — Chemistry

10:50AM – 12:30PM — Geometry

Lunch Break

1PM – 2:30PM — Study Block: reading, finishing assignments, independent learning for other classes

*Students will need to bring work that is related to any classes they are doing with VSA, and where appropriate, their computer, a set of headphones, and other books for any independent work they may be doing while using the schoolroom space. Please pack lunch and snacks.

Class Textbook Requirements

Please feel free to find these books in stores like Moore Expressions, or other local book stores. Moore Expressions specializes in homeschool curriculum and are located at: 6070 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach, VA, 23464. They sell both new and used books and other resource.

Algebra 1 — Teacher, in class. Text book link: Saxon, Algebra 1, 3rd ed., Christian Book

Algebra 2 — Teacher, in class. Text book link: Saxon, Algebra 2, 3rd ed., Christian Book

Geometry — Teacher, in class. Textbook link: Saxon, Geometry, Christian Book

Chemistry — Teacher, in class. Text book link: Apologia Chemistry, Student, 3rd ed., Amazon

Church History — Independent curriculum provided through Tribe Jesus. Text books: Pentecost to The Present, 3 book trilogy, by Jeff Oliver, Amazon

*Parents/Students are responsible for their own textbooks.


Yearly co-op family membership: $50 per family. Co-op membership provides students with an IXL membership for the school year. IXL is a personal learning and practice website. It is particularly useful for Math and English skill development. Membership also is for the use of the school space for the school year on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The space is a shared space for either in-class, or independent work, irrespective of classes taken.

Payments for family membership can be made by CLICKING HERE. Please read and fill out the Registration and Culture of Honor forms for paying. There are important points to note about our statement or faith and our culture on these forms. These forms can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page: Virginia Scholars

Class Fees: are charged per class and month. We will begin our fee schedule soon.

VSA Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry are Teacher-taught classes: $30 per month, per class.

VSA Chemistry Teacher-taught class: $35 per month (additional $5 is a lab fee).

Church History curriculum is separate independent.

We have a nine month school year. A link to a calendar will be available soon!