As I sat with the Lord on January 1, 2023, He began to speak:

“I have given you all you need for LIFE, LOVE, and HOLINESS!” The Holy Spirit started with this phrase. This phrase is something He has been saying to me since the mid-90s, strongly. Sometimes it echoes deep within my spirit. He uses it now, thirty years later, to get my attention and remind me of His faithfulness and that He empowers us in everything He has asked us to do. He continued…

I AM now going to make this your reality. This year, you will see Me move in ways that will astound you, catch your breath, make your heart pound with joy and glee. I will answer your prayer and cry for help in miraculous and supernatural ways. Your testimony of Me will be one for the books.


I AM coming in greater ways to move upon hearts and draw people to Me who formerly have been cold-hearted and hard-hearted. I will draw them, you will see Me do the drawing so that no man can claim glory.

Walk with me. Stay close. Sit under My wings. Feel My heart. Know My ways. You will have access to Me beyond your dreams and expectations.


I continued sitting and praying for a few hours, and as I sat there, I began to experience waves of pain in my lower abdomen. These were usual pains, and I had a church service to facilitate in just a few hours, so I reached out to a few intercessor friends for prayer. As soon as I asked for prayer the Lord spoke again:

A radical detoxification is literally beginning today, Jan 1, 2023. Coming with waves of pain. But it is for our good. A cleansing and a cleaning out of the church. A purification. (I was literally feeling waves of pain as He was saying this…)

There is pain coming in the Church: Sorrow for sin. It will be felt in the gut, a sickening feeling in the intestinal area (deep in a person’s spirit).

The conviction of idolatry will be so deep, it will cause people to double over as if in pain as they realize how much mixture they have let in.

The pain has purpose.
It is the cleansing away (purging).

The two words are NOT in conflict. The first word is conditional. God is looking for a people who will draw close and live in a deep, intimate relationship with Him, who will live entirely devoted to Him, and who live worshipfully obedient, even when it does not make sense. The second word is God stating He is doing a purifying work in His church. We need this. The church in many parts of the US and around the world needs God to move and purify us.

Mixture, unbelief, fear, idolatry, and people’s tolerance (and even celebration) of sin have got to be purified out of His church, and God is stepping in to do it. Previous to these January 1, 2023 words…

In mid-December of 2022, the Holy Spirit gave me four words for 2023 and a song, Psalm 23. 


In the next few weeks, I will write more about these, but for now:

In 2023, we will see a rapid increase in His judgments. This is for our benefit. It is not to be feared. It will include unprecedented exposure in the church, education, judiciary, medicine/science, government and politics, technology, and media/entertainment. It will touch all areas of life. His judgment and justice IS the same thing. God’s strong pronouncements of judgment are always undergirded by His justice. His justice is always undergirded by His righteousness. Right judging brings rivers of His justice (Amos 5:24).

God is forcing the extreme amount of corruption that has been going on into the national conversation of many nations. This is His mercy, the third word for 2023. God is showing us what has been happening right under our noses, giving us time to repent and change, and then the ability to work together for justice in the nations.

The fourth word is covenant. The church needs a revelation of what it means to be covenant people. We have strayed so far from it. This will be a year of people learning to lean into the New Covenant and truly become God’s family in the earth.

Psalm 23 for 2023. In mid-December, 2022,  the Holy Spirit sat with me while I was playing my guitar and said, “Drop Psalm 23 into what you’re playing there.” And He wrote a song we now sing in church, All My Days (Psalm 23). He said, your people will learn what Psalm 23 means this year, “I AM the Good Shepherd.”