I am writing this article a year after posting: Sudden Death From VaccinationsThis current article’s title, “Huge Elephant In Room Dies Suddenly,” is a poignant play on words. It is not meant to be funny. It is the tragic reality we now live in. Many people are now referring to the covid vaccination as the “death jab” or the “clot shot.” And many people are now talking about “sudden death.” I have always referred to this fake vaccine as a bioweapon. It was never a vaccine. It was developed as a bioweapon. The covid shots are bioweapons.

So, today I am writing to explain why I have been so outspoken about the bioweapon, why I will continue to be, and why it matters. Then by extension, you will understand why I am outspoken about many controversial things happening in the world, and for good or bad, these things need to be talked about.

It comes down to this, as God’s people, we need to live by a radical standard of TRUTH so that we can receive and walk in His ever-increasing LIGHT (Ps 89:15; Am 1Jn 1:17). If we do not reject the deceitfulness and lies of the world, and instead let it seep into us, allowing the world to water down our devotion to God, we become culturized to the world and its deceitfulness. “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matt 6:22-23)

We have all been given the job of raising our voices to speak about God and declare His truth to the world around us. If we don’t, God holds us responsible for the damage done and the lives lost because we would not speak up. Both the Old and New Testaments make this very clear.

Old Testament: If we open any of the major or minor OT prophetic books, just one page out of any of them, we are confronted by God’s words spoken through men, crying out, “Return to Me.” Most of the time, this repeated plea was sent to God’s people. And it was accompanied by warnings away from idolatry, trusting in the wrong things, complacency, dullness of heart, rebellion, consequences for not listening, and choosing instead to continue in darkness. The OT historical books tell the stories of God’s people listening and obeying His voice or of rebellion and its consequences. The OT wisdom books again provide warning after warning away from foolish and idolatrous living.

New Testament: Jesus’ words and demonstrations of the Spirit’s power were so radically confronting that even his own family thought he was crazy and turned against him. They were mad at Jesus for breaking religious rules and tried to stop His ministry (Mark 3:20-34). Paul’s epistles repeatedly deal with issues of sin and idolatry in the church. He gave many warnings to the believers. In Galatians 3:1-3, Paul pleads with them to recognize the bewitchment and foolishness of being led by the flesh. The Greek word baskainó means to bewitch, be overpowered by evil, or be put under an evil spell to the degree that a person’s mind and thinking capacities are affected.

Fear and manipulation did precisely this with the bioweapon. Fear and manipulation bewitched people’s minds and thinking capacities to the extent that today, many still defend their taking the bioweapon even when it has been proven to have killed millions of people worldwide. The statistical data is piling up like a stinking, rotting corpse, hence my choice of the elephant picture above. Yet still, there are stubborn-hearted believers who justify themselves instead of taking a hard look at the deception they came under and repenting from believing the lies and going along with the culture.

It is clear that the mental gymnastics of self-justification are easier than simple repentance before the Lord. We call these mental gymnastics strongholds.

Link here to an article by Dr. Mercola on Dr. McCullough: Athletes Dropping Dead. Two honest doctors at the top of their fields who have been censored by our corrupt government. They explain that since the bioweapon rollout, there has been a 1,650% increase in US athletes dropping dead! Read it again: one thousand, six hundred and fifty percent increase in the death rate among some of the fittest people in America. These athletes were all “vaccinated.” If they had not taken the bioweapon voluntarily, they were coerced into it: “No vax, no play!”

What about the children? From January 2021 to April 2022, there was a 17,500% increase in heart disease. A seventeen thousand, five hundred percent increase in a disease that was formerly extremely rare in that age group.

No honest believer in Christ Jesus can ignore the death and disease rate. It is inexcusable to cling to the deceitfulness of governments and the medical system. This was a bioweapon, and today we are living in the fallout.

Video: Evidence Of Sudden Death

Stealing, Killing, and Destroying:

Back to our Galatians word baskainó, which means to bewitch. People were bewitched into taking the bioweapon. People were pushed by fear and manipulation. The fear of dying. The fear of losing a job. The promise of being reunited with friends and family (people should never have isolated from loved ones). The convenience of life getting back to normal. The convenience of travel, parties, weddings, restaurant dinners, etc.

Believers did not recognize the fear and manipulation used on them as being two of the most common tools the devil uses to steal, kill, and destroy. It’s as if people forgot Jesus said the devil comes “only to steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). Covid has done precisely that, both the lab-created virus and the bioweapon. But many people did not recognize the devil’s underhanded work. Consider this:

  • A manmade virus sent around the world, locking down the world.
  • The people who died “with” the virus, and all those killed in hospitals by Remsdesivir and other corrupt policies.
  • School closures and the loss of proper education.
  • High schoolers were robbed of graduating.
  • Forced isolation of students everywhere.
  • Forced isolation of people in nursing homes from their own families.
  • The psychological experiment called social distancing.
  • The unscientific mask mandates.
  • The sheer level of lies pushed through the media.
  • The censorship of doctors/scientists, some had their lives ruined, some were jailed, and some were killed.
  • Business closures and lost revenue.

Now add:

  • The worldwide skyrocketing death rate that directly correlates to the beginning of the bioweapon rollout in January 2021. (Side note: One in four Americans now report knowing someone who has died from the bioweapon.)
  • The innumerable injuries and diseases reported by people after getting the bioweapon.
  • The number of people forced out of work because they would not get the bioweapon.
  • The destruction of relationships as most people spewed hatred and bitterness out against those who would not get the bioweapon–we were wrongfully blamed and shamed for spreading the virus. We were told we were killing people. BUT this has now all been exposed as lies. The bioweapon has not stopped the spread or severity of Covid, not one bit. Because it was never a vaccine, it is a bioweapon.

Doesn’t all of this sound like the devil’s work of stealing, killing, and destroying? He is a murderer and a liar (Jn 8:44). This leads me to explain the false view many have when they try and limit Jesus’ gospel message:

Christianity is about the Gospel

Yes! I agree. I shout from the rooftops, “Christianity is about the gospel!” The gospel is the linchpin to everything we do and say. But sometimes, people use the phrase as an excuse to NOT tackle hard truths, and sometimes even use scriptures like, “I resolved to know nothing… except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1Cor 2:2) to back up their excuses. This is either very lazy Christianity or simply a convenient way to live as a popular Christian because you can keep people happy by avoiding hard truths.

Theologically, Paul had a brilliant mind. He wrote more NT books than any other writer. We have a wealth of “Pauline Theology” because of his writings. Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 2:2 is that he chose to NOT depend upon his human intellect. He chose to NOT depend upon his great learning. He only depended upon the power of the Holy Spirit that worked through him because of the work of Jesus on the cross. We need to do the same thing. AND… Paul surrendered his intellect and learning to the Holy Spirit to be used as God saw fit, and for Paul, this meant wrestling with many hard truths. Here, again, we need to do the same thing.

We are the beneficiaries of Paul’s brilliant legacy. We can hold his many letters in our hands 2,000 years later. Paul boldly proclaimed TRUTH. He proclaimed the gospel, called out sin, instructed the churches in the way of Christ, and he never bowed to what was popular for the sake of pleasing the crowd. He stirred up crowds and made them angry. They tried to kill him over his words. Paul did not bow to what was convenient, nor did he compromise for expediency. He obeyed the Holy Spirit in everything.

Don’t forget Jesus! Jesus drew crowds everywhere He went because of His preaching, miracles, signs, and wonders. But when He began talking about hard truths, the crowds went running for the hills. When Jesus said, “Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day. For My flesh is real food and My blood is real drink.” (John 6:54-55), many could not understand what He was saying. They were offended by Jesus’ words and left Him. His own close disciples wrestled to understand this TRUTH, and we even read Jesus asking them if they were going to leave him, just as the crowds had (Jn 6:67)

Still, many believers may ask, “Jesus preached the gospel. What has speaking out against the bioweapon got to do with the gospel?” The answer is straightforward. How would Jesus respond if He was walking down the street and there was a house on fire? What would He do if there were people stuck inside? What if helpless children were stuck inside? Would Jesus keep walking past the house, saying, “Let the house burn down; I am only here to preach the gospel!” ??? This is precisely how many believers treat their cities, nation, and even their call to ministry. The metaphoric house is burning, and many want to ignore it, pretend it is not on fire, or simply deny their responsibility by looking busy preaching the gospel.

Mmm, but, but, but… we have to keep politics out of the church!

“Keep politics out of the church!” they scream…

“Stop being political” has been the great gaslighting of the church. And it is often screamed by the very ones who have caved to the political spirit. Many Christians have been taught to believe “stop being political” is a righteous and biblical statement. But they do not know this phrase was pushed into our culture by Freemasons and Communists. People who hate God and hate His church authored this statement and similar variations of it: “Church leaders should not be political!” And the statement “Separation of Church and State” was twisted to mean “keep the church out of state affairs.” God haters authored a deceitful understanding of what it means to be political and have used it to accuse, gaslight, and silence believers for decades. This has bewitched many churches to the extent they have adopted “politically correct” standards of speech in their pulpits. They go to great lengths to NOT be offensive and, in so doing, have watered down the gospel and emptied it of its power.

What does it mean to be political?

The very nature of being political is to do and say the things that win popularity with the people. To be political:

  • Play to the people.
  • Do whatever is needed to stay in your position of power and influence.
  • Do and say what is required to get re-elected.
  • Play the game, play all sides, and make sure you keep everyone happy–even if it is only a charade.
  • Definitely, do not rock the boat.
  • Do not be controversial.
  • Keep the people happy.
  • Do nothing to upset your base.

The churches that went along with the government mandates are the churches that failed to keep politics out of their pulpits. They failed to see the fear, manipulation, and lies that were at work as the work of the devil. They failed to safeguard their people. In this way, their pulpits were used to promote the political agenda. But it was an easy deception to fall into; the whole world was doing it, including many famous church leaders… so it seemed.

Meanwhile, it was those people who raised their voices to speak the truth and cut through the millions of lies who were accused of being political. I was accused of things so much worse. But, it rolled off me because I have strong assurance in Christ Jesus. I know His voice, and I know my call. The people who falsely accused those standing for truth as being political revealed they do not know their Bibles. They do not know the stories of God’s men and women who lost their lives because they stood for truth when it was wildly unpopular.

To speak up, raise your voice and say what God is telling you to say, regardless of the consequences, and cut through culture’s many lies is the opposite of being political. However, it is reputation-ruining, career-ending, and sometimes life-ending stuff. Speaking the truth usually is. Our Bibles are full of these stories because Jesus Himself is the TRUTH.

It is never “being political” to speak up for the truth. Speaking truth cuts through the spiritual atmosphere created by fear, lies, and manipulation. Only truth can make us free! (Jn 8:32) A person is being political when they allow truth to be silenced to have everyone get along. A person is being political when they silence the truth to avoid offending people. Sometimes, hard truths are silenced in order to grow a really big crowd. There are church leaders who use this as their church growth strategy because it can build a really big crowd fast. But it does not build a strong church full of mature believers. We need strong truth to become strong, mature believers.

Being political is doing the expedient thing, compromising, cutting corners, dodging the hard questions, covering your bases, and taking the easy road… it is a highway to hell.

Jesus did not call us to this kind of life. He called us to live by His radical standard of truth. His truth needs to reign in every area of our lives. If we do not allow His truth to penetrate our hearts and minds in every area, we live susceptible to the enemy’s many lies and deceits. Any area not surrendered to Christ Jesus can be led into spiritual bondage by the enemy. We cannot afford to have any area of our life unsurrendered to Christ Jesus.

The Religious and Political Spirits

In Matthew 16:5, Jesus said, “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Then in 16:11-12, He repeats it. Matthew also recorded the disciple’s understanding of it, “‘Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.’ Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread, but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” The Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s teachings were, and are today, a virulently contagious, wildly spreading virus. A virus of the mind and heart.

In Mark 8:15, we read it as, “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod.” Luke adds, “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy” (Lu 12:1). In the next chapter, Luke records Jesus offering some scathing criticism for Herod: “…some Pharisees came to Jesus and said to Him, ‘Leave this place and go somewhere else. Herod wants to kill you.’ He replied, ‘Go tell that fox, I will keep on driving out demons and healing people today and tomorrow, and on the third day, I will reach my goal.’” (Luke 13:31-32)

The Pharisee’s teachings were rules and traditions that often had little to do with the Law of God and His Covenant. They had added a lot of oppressive rules that put heavy burdens on the people. They created traditions not found in God’s Law. Many of their teachings did not come out of the heart of the Father but served only a religious agenda. The Pharisees strived to look humble and live ritually pure before the people. Pharisee means “separated one.” They set themselves apart and then assumed superiority over the people. Many would twist scripture as a means to an end, to get the people to behave the way they wanted, religious coercion. They were religious bullies. They were expert manipulators, expert false-humility actors (hypocrisy means actor), and they used fear as a motivator. They justified their religious rage as jealously guarding God’s Law, but it was all an act. They had fallen so far short.

The religious spirit is a bully spirit and manifests the same way today. Over the last three years, you would have heard phrases like, “If you love your neighbor, you will get the vaccine!” Or, “If you love your family member, you should protect them by getting the vaccine.” This is the grossest of manipulation. It is a powerful but subconscious accusation of a person’s heart. A person with a weak mind or little discernment would not catch this as an accusation and instead allow it to begin to accuse their heart of being unloving. No follower of Jesus wants to be unloving. Many complied with the bioweapon rollout because of this or similar manipulation. They became convinced they were doing the right and loving thing because as they lined up to take the bioweapon, it alleviated the accusations against their heart. Many forgot Satan is the Accuser. Accusation is a form of bewitchment; remember our word, baskainó, it is manipulation.

What of the Sadducees and Herod? These represent the political spirit. The Sadducees were the elite ruling class. Herod was a false, illegitimate king. He had been installed and empowered (propped up) by the Roman government. Herod was Rome’s puppet, just like Biden, Zelensky, Trudeau, etc., are installed puppets, propped up by the deep state, also called the satanic cabal. Any person reacting to this last sentence with an eye-roll should realize the eye-roll reveals the influence of the political spirit in your mind. Jesus warned us to look out for their evil influence, but many of us today have not heeded Jesus’ warnings.

Religious and political spirits work hand in hand to accomplish hell’s deceitful agenda: steal, kill, and destroy.

Hosea 4:6: “My people die for a lack of knowledge”

The above quote is from the NIV translation. The NASB states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The Hebrew word here is dath, and it means: truth, knowing, perception, prophetic-knowing, revelation, knowing God’s thoughts, and having God’s wisdom. Dath also means to be concerned about truth (every believer should be). Dath is from the Hebrew word yada, which is knowing by direct revelation. Yada requires intimacy with God. From the place of intimacy, God makes Himself known to anyone who will pursue His heart. This is the place of deep revelation, but to live here takes faith because, with the increase of revelation, God also requires our faithful obedience to the revelation. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; God is still big on obedience! He knows those who are His, those He can trust; it is those who walk obedient to everything He asks.

The next part of the Hosea verse is a scathing rebuke: “You have rejected knowledge.” This is more than a rejection of God’s many words, revelations, and wisdom. Ultimately, it is a rejection of God. Those who want to live in a relationship with God must accept His words and live by them. This Hosea verse is a strong rebuke. Believers would not consider rejecting God, though many do set aside His words. It is especially easy to set God’s words aside when obeying them is as painfully inconvenient as going against thousands and thousands of people who are getting the bioweapon. Easier again when all the so-called experts, celebrities, and every media talking head is railing against those who are not getting the bioweapon.

And here we are. Tragically, millions of lives have been destroyed by the manmade virus and its bioweapon. Millions are dead. It is to the extent that now, Christians ignoring the extreme increases in the death rate due to the bioweapon do so to their own harm. To ignore the people dying, minimize or deny it, while still preaching the gospel, is pretending everything is OK when it is not. It is hypocrisy. We are living through a worldwide genocide. To ignore this now, in 2023, is willful blindness. It is evil.

People might ask why I state this so strongly: People have been lied to. People have died. Someone’s mother, brother, daughter, co-worker, friend from school, a neighbor. One in four Americans now report knowing someone who died because of the bioweapon. Here is a good place to begin to look at what is going on: This is VAERS. Scroll down and see what happened in 2021 and 2022. Keep in mind that the VAERS reporting system only captures 1% of deaths caused by vaccines. And the extreme measures used to censor anything related to covid has meant there has been great injustice done as people killed by the bioweapon have had their deaths censored and invalidated.

So I will restate: To ignore, minimize, or deny the deaths caused by the bioweapon is to agree with the agenda of hell. The devil authored this bioweapon. His weapon has succeeded on a genocidal level. Christians need to wake up. This is much worse than what happened in the German church in WW2. There 90% of Christians sided with Hitler. His propaganda machine had winningly convinced them. How much more sophisticated is that propaganda machine today!!

There is a way out of this mess: The Blood of Jesus

It starts with repentance. Repent from believing lies. The bioweapon is a lie. If this is a hard word for you, if it is offensive to you, you are the very one who needs to sit with Jesus and let Him instruct your heart. He wants you free. But if you stubbornly refuse to repent, you will not be free. There is no excuse for ignoring the people who have died except that it subconsciously alleviates your need to repent. This is strong medicine. But it will make you free.

This type of message is not political at all. It is the opposite of being political. It is the message that sees the crowd running for the hills. People have left our church over it. Others will not be part of our church because of it. I am OK with this. I never set out to build a big church. I am building big, strong, mature believers who will not back down but will obey the Lord no matter how hard it gets. These, God can change the world with.

We all choose. Every day we make decisions, big and small. When we choose to walk into His TRUTH in every area of our lives, not holding anything back, we disempower the enemy. All the strongholds come down. We are made free. We are healed and made whole.

Jesus still heals today. In our church, we have seen many miracles, including cancers disappearing and with medical records to prove it. Nothing is too difficult for God. He can fix, change, heal, re-create, and detoxify any body part!

If you haven’t yet, give your life to Jesus now. He is our Savior. He is our Healer. He wants to be your closest Friend. He is the King of TRUTH. He is TRUTH.

Repent of any/everything and ask Him to cleanse you from all sin. Ask Him to heal you.

There is nothing more potent than the Blood of Jesus. Plead the Blood of Jesus over your life for cleansing and healing. He is faithful. He is Good. He is Merciful and Just.