I was born in 1970. As a child in the 70s in Australia, my parents, like any good parent who wanted to do the righting but did not know any better, lined me up along with hundreds of other kids to get vaccinated. Governments were telling everyone to get vaccinated. Many governments began requiring vaccinations for access to basic things like school. It seemed right, and everyone was doing it!

What is a parent to do? We have been deliberately taught to trust governments, trust schools, and trust medical systems. For several generations, we have been raised to blindly trust everything the television says: That pretty face talking to me every night would never lie to me!!

We have been raised to not ask questions. Raised to believe only crazy people ask questions, and they’re crazy… Don’t be crazy. Don’t be a weird parent. Be normal. Fit in. Don’t rock the boat. Besides, everyone is doing it. So it must be right, RIGHT!!


In 1996 the Holy Spirit told me, “Vaccines cause cot death, Romey.”

I did not know what cot death was. I barely remember getting vaccines as a child. But I took note, as we should, with everything the Lord tells us. So, I tucked it away in my heart.

(Cot death is called SIDS in the USA.)

In 2000 I moved to America, and to get my Green Card, I was given over fifteen injections by two nurses who went arm after arm, needle after needle, sinking multiple vaccines into my arms with each needle. They had me over a barrel, “Get the vaccines or go back to Australia.” I was not educated on the extreme evils of vaccines at that time. Over the next two years, I got sick and struggled with things that I had no prior history of: allergies, eczema, and my gut/bowels stopped working. Doctors told me, “Welcome to America! Take a pill!” I did not accept their “Just get used to it and medicate your problem” answers. Instead, I began deep diving into the food and drug system and looking for alternative solutions.

In 2001, my husband and I did the pastoral care and funeral for a family who had lost their twelve-week-old baby girl. The parents were beside themselves, as you can imagine. But this was made monumentally worse because the doctors denied the parent’s claim that the baby was healthy that morning and had died because of the vaccines given that day.

The mom had held her healthy baby in her arms that morning. Then, the mom took her healthy baby to a doctor’s appointment, which included a round of vaccines during the day. Later, the mom held her baby as she developed a full-blown fever and grew very sick into the evening. The mom called the doctor, who gave the usual advice that this was normal after vaccines. “Give her some Tylenol! and let her sleep it off.” Through the night, the baby died. The doctor denied any correlation to the vaccines, claiming SIDS.

SIDS is the label: “We don’t know what killed your baby. It definitely was not the vaccines. Trust us. We’re the experts.” 

I sat with the parents for hours. Grief. Numbness. Rage. Disappointment. Disillusionment. You name it, they felt it. Reverberating in my spirit while I sat on their couch for those hours was, “Vaccines cause [SIDS], Romey.”

As I started having kids, I found the medical world a very funny one to navigate. I asked simple questions, and respectfully too, always gentle, reasonable, respectful, but firm:

  • Please help me understand why a baby needs to be vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases when they are three days old.
  • Chickenpox is a mild childhood virus that imparts lifetime immunity. Why vaccinate and then boost for life?
  • What are the ingredients?
  • Are they safe?

I got no answers. I did get a lot of condescension, bullying, and even rage. One doctor manifested a demon…

It was great! I needed to see it. I needed to experience the disgusting underbelly of what is going on, the extreme evils of the vaccine world. I needed to see the reactions when you simply decline a vaccine. Declining their well-educated advice threw some into a rage. This made it clear there is much more going on than merely maintaining their required childhood vaccine schedule.

Why was I getting extreme reactions just for asking basic questions?

I continued to educate myself. My kids are not vaccinated, apart from my oldest having just a few at the beginning–before I realized what was happening.

Fast forward to 2013, I was out walking and praying, and the Holy Spirit said:

“Mark 16:18 is for the coming vaccine war”

Before I even had the time to remember what Mark 16:18 was, the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart, “They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” Then He said, go home and look it up in Greek!

Where we read “drink,” the Greek word is piōsin, from pinó. These words mean to eat, drink, or imbibe. As I poked around further, I saw that imbibe means to “take in by any means.” Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke again, “That word is there because I know the difference between drinking poisons in those days and the technologies that would be used to inject them in these. It is all the same. But I have made provision. Have people stand on my promises.”

That day in 2013, I took note the Holy Spirit said a vaccine war was coming.

In February 2020, when the world was being set on fire over Covid, the Holy Spirit said,

“This is it; this is their war. Do NOT fall for their fear or their lies!”

In March, the USA was given a “fourteen days to stop the spread” lockdown. Our state governor complied. And weeks after that, our governor put out a press report stating a mask mandate was to be put in place across our state. As I watched the press report, the Holy Spirit said, “The masks are being used to condition people into accepting the vaccines coming next year. Their vaccines are bioweapons.”


He also told me, “Do not put a mask on. Do whatever is necessary to not wear one.” I asked Him, “How?” He directed me to the science that thoroughly debunked every lie used to prop up the unscientific mask mandates (and the social distancing lies). The masks were a lie from the start. But they sure promoted a false sense of security for many wearers, combined with fear and resentment of those that would not comply with the evil agenda. It was all manipulation; it was all based upon WITCHCRAFT.

That night (the night of our governor’s presser), I posted a video on social media pleading with people to see the war and the manipulation and propaganda. To not fall for it. To not come under fear. I said, “They are asking you to wear masks to promote fear and condition you to accept their vaccine. Their vaccine will be a bioweapon. Please open your eyes.” I reminded people of Nazi Germany, and the propaganda used to control and kill people then. I reminded people that 90% of the church went along with Hitler and his plans. Don’t be blind to it now!

I woke up the following day to find it had over 50,000 views and was growing still. I also woke up to a lot of scoffing and mocking from Christians, name-calling, criticizing, and accusing me of being unloving. These Christians had believed all the enemy’s lies and, in their spiritual blindness, were being used like puppets for his evil agenda: silence the truth-teller.

Over the next month, I kept pleading with people: “Don’t fall for the fear and lies.” Then I was banned from Facebook for some time. When they “allowed” me back on, I again pleaded with people to come out from under the fear and lies. I made the occasional video; some went viral again. I was in and out of Facebook jail all of 2020. But in January 2021, when they rolled out their bioweapon, I was put into their censorship jail for over three-quarters of the year, and they took posts down off my pages.

In 2022, I deleted both accounts. In part because by 2022, whoever was going to take the bioweapon had taken it, and whoever had decided not to had already stood their ground (brave people!!). And I could not stay on these evil platforms. They were betraying millions of people with censorship of truth and rabid promotion of lies. (I deleted Twitter too, but recently came back to it.)

The data is now in control of the narrative!

Once 2022 began, the 2021 data started rolling in and could not be ignored. Now in 2023, it’s worse. All those who would not accept the warnings, those who scoffed at the word “bioweapon,” now have to deal with the reality of the data that is piling up. Literally, dead bodies are piling up, and people want to ignore this for the sake of easing their own minds and escaping their need to be personally responsible. Some are unwilling to accept they could be so naive, so they simply go on denying the truth.

VAERS is a government-run vaccine injury data reporting system. Since its beginning in 1990 till now, the US VAERS lists 35,702 total deaths from vaccines; that’s a thirty-year span. Source: measured to Jan 13, 2023.

But here is why I say the data is in control, 32,052 of the 35,702 deaths occurred in just the last two years. The spike began when they rolled out the bioweapon. It is beyond comprehension that the so-called experts deny this data. The data is on government websites.

Note: It is widely known VAERS underreports the death and injury rate. VAERS only reports 1% of the actual death and injury due to vaccines. Yet even with this underreporting, there is still hard evidence of biological genocide. And these are just the US statistics. We are just one nation amongst many that are experiencing mass genocide.

Exposing the blindness in hearts

It still boggles my mind that believers, many of whom presume themselves mature, could not discern the lies and manipulation around the virus and the mandates. Many became manipulators themselves and enforced the mandates upon their families. Worse, church leaders did it to their church families, and some were paid to promote it through their pulpits–this is evil on a whole other level. These people failed to discern the lies. They failed to discern that fear and money drove the bioweapon promotion.

People in these churches should get out; blind guides are leading them! Some are being led to their death. Some may read this and say, “You’re being extreme.” No. The death rate is extreme. The lies people have believed is extreme.

For your own sake and the safety of your children, get out of those churches that promoted the vaccine.

God’s words must be elevated above man’s

Often people will not believe the words and warnings from the Lord. Instead, many quickly believe the elected officials, human leaders, the “experts,” and those with a lot of worldly wealth. Many choose to side with the appearance of worldly success and worldly security rather than living by faith in the words of God, trusting God’s ability to keep them safe. Too many will NOT listen to and obey the Lord because they need to see something before they will believe it. It is easier to follow man, easier to follow the crowd, easier to do the comfortable thing…

We are now in a season where believers must listen to and obey God over every other voice. Many believers will have to repent of listening to and valuing the wrong voices and of making idols of these wrong voices. Biblically, when God’s people listened to the wrong voices, it hurt them. Why did so many forsake the Biblical examples?

God Heals!

God is kind. God is good. He is faithful to lead us and guide us. He warns and protects us. He also heals and delivers us.

I sat with a man who was coerced into taking the bioweapon. He was threatened with losing his job. His whole livelihood was being threatened, just like many millions across the US were. So he took it, and within days symptoms of a life-threatening neurological disorder began manifesting. A doctor confirmed it. His doctor, thankfully, acknowledged it was the bioweapon. He sought me out at our church, and as we sat together, he told me his story. Then he began repenting of coming under the witchcraft, with many tears. I did not ask him to, he just knew, and he began repenting and crying out to God for forgiveness and healing. BRAVE MAN! True repentance is brave. We prayed, and God healed him! He has the medical record.

God has made provision for healing through Jesus Christ. And God had both warned and given a promise when He said, “Mark 16:18 is for the coming vaccine war!” God made sure the promise was given to us, “… when they imbibe deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; [and] they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

God heals!