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Religious Exemption:

The religious exemption here is from my church, Seashore Church. You do not have to be part of my church and you do not need to call me your pastor to use this exemption form. Also, please feel free to use the language in this form to write your own if you so need. You do not need to cite me. Whatever works for your context.

Link to printable pdf: Seashore Church Religious Exemption


Recent Information:


1. Ten Points of the Nuremberg Code: Ten Points of the Nuremberg Principles

2. Nuremberg Code vax exemption letter. This exemption was crafted by a civil rights lawyer and is all a persons needs legally, though many employers are asking for much more (this is illegal), Nuremberg-Notice-Form

3. What is a “religious” exemption? Information for what constitutes religious belief for exemption. And PDF explaining Religious: Vaccines and exemptions

4. Twenty Five Questions and Answers re: Religious exemptions, by Peggy Hall, Civil Rights Lawyer.

5. If your employer bullies you, stay respectful, stay calm, but hand this five page form to them. Ask them to fully read it and fill it out with their details: AFLD forms to employers

6.  Here is information on how to file a criminal complaint or join your name to a larger suit. The document is 42 pages. On the lawyers website you can join your name to their suit, or begin your own suit. Note, if you begin your own suit, this form is generic and not state specific. You can find your own state specific information easily. Governments are required to provide it. Their website: click VaxxChoice. The 42 page PDF download: Combined-Criminal-Complaint-w-Instructions-for-Filing-1

7. Vaccine Public Letter Template: Vaccine Public Letter

8. Military Informed Consent Memo: Military Informed Consent Memo

9. Join the fight with the American Front Lines Doctors: click and sign their form

10. College student: AFLD forms to universities

11. Notice of liability to vaccinators: Dear Vaccinator Notice- Potential Liability

12. Strategic Litigation that contains former CDC whistleblower testimony of intentional criminality by the CDC: Current legal suit in Texas against covid vaccine mandate

13. What a unified school district can accomplish against the anti-human mandates: Children’s Health Defense

14. Religious Exemption from masks: Printable PDF form here (you need to add your name, signature, and date).

15. Governor of Kentucky and his health minister lose in court: Commonwealth of Kentucky V Ridgeway Properties LLC.

16. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, of the German Corona Committee Foundation, has an international medical law suit against the World Health Organization, False Pandemic. There are hundreds of videos of Dr. Fuellmich. Look them up in bitchute, odysee, or rumble.

List of Law Firms who are fighting and will take your case:

1. Liberty Counsel

2. Liberty Institute

3. Pacific Justice Institute

4. Advocates For Faith and Freedom

5. Alliance Defending Freedom

6. National Legal Foundation

7. Thomas More Law Center

8. Thomas More Society

9. Christian Legal Society 

10. American Center for Law and Justice

11. Center for Law and Religious Freedom

12. Christian Attorneys of America

13. Christian Law Association

14. National Association of Christian Lawmakers

15. Pacific Legal Foundation

Medical Websites

1. Dr. James Todaro: Medicine Uncensored.

2. Dr. Lee Merritt: The Medical Rebel.

3. Dr. Richard Fleming, Physicist, Nuclear Cardiologist, and attorney, The Fleming Method

4. Health Impact News: Vaccine Impact.

5. America’s Frontline Doctors: For Telehealth appointments where you can get HCQ and/or Ivermectin; the proven medications to cure covid and detox from the super-shedding spike proteins. To get legal help, become part of a large suit, or donate and help fund their efforts, AFLD Legal. AFLD Home page.

6. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has fought medical tyranny for over twenty years: drtenpenny

7. Dr. Judy Mikovitz, PLANdemic.

8. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: aapsonline

9. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine.

10. Dr. Peter McCullough: America Out Loud. McCullough busts the lies about covid and its corruption open wide. There are many articles and podcasts here.

11. Dr. Carrie Madej Personal Website

12. Directory of International doctors and US doctors Prescribing Outpatient Covid-19 Therapies

13. Dr. Professor Vernon Coleman: Coleman’s statistics.

Treatment and Prophylaxis Protocals

Use the same protocols for both cure and detox. Note: I am not a medical doctor and I am not prescribing medical advice. I am only pointing you in the direction of those honest and brave doctors who have not bowed to the political pressure or the culture and who are having huge success with their protocols.

1. Ivermectin works, it is proven: Dr Pierre Kory before the Texas Senate

2. Quercetin and Vitamin C, Frontiers in Immunology

3. Steroids and Anticoagulants, Dr. John Campbell and Dr. Pierre Kory

4. Telehealth Doctors: My state, and many like it, have banned the very cheap and very effective therapeutics. Doctors and pharmacies have been banned from distributing them. But you can make appointments with doctors outside your state and have the medicines that are banned shipped to your door. I know many who have done this already. Many who have recovered from Covid while being looked after by these Telehealth doctors.

5. Search here to find independent compounding pharmacies that will sell the medications These are pharmacies that are not large national or state chains and they have not bowed to the corporatized medical communism.

6. Encouraging science being done to slow/prevent the spread or binding effects of the spike proteins: Inhibition of Variants of Covid spike proteins

7. (From above but listed here too) Directory of International doctors and US doctors Prescribing Outpatient Covid-19 Therapies

Video Testimony

1. Canada Health Alliance: Covid vaccines and children

2. Dr. Michael Yeadon is one the first whistleblowers and was the senior scientific offices at Pfizer for many years. This video may load slow out of drop box, be patient: Testimony before the Beis Din in Eretz Yisrael

3. Dr. Zelenko: Testimony before the Beis Din in Eretz Yisrael (loads slowly, be patient)

4. Dr. Ruby: Testimony before the Beis Din in Eretz Yisrael (loads slowly, be patient)

5. Dr. Peter McCullough: Testimony before the Beis Din in Eretz Yisrael (loads slowly, be patient)

6. Dr. Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory, the video that was removed form other platforms and had Weinstein removed from twitter: On Rumble

7. Doctors and Lawyers Issue: Dire Warning To High school, College and Pro Athletes

8. Dr Zelenko interviewed by David Harris Jr.: Early treatment not the vaccine is the answer

9. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Ivermectin Interview

10. Dr. Bryan Ardis, Remsdesivir is a killer.

Covid-19 Vaccine is a Bioweapon

1. Dr. Robert Malone, once very pro vaccinator and inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology is calling this covid vaccine a bioweapon: True Pundit video. He explains Fauci and the CDC’s lies promoting this vaccine with full knowledge of how deadly the vaccine is and their lies on who is getting reinfected with the new variants.

2. How the spike proteins work: Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) system. ADE increases the infection replication.

3. Dr. Robert Malone’s censorship: Lifesite News. Malone is considered a world leading expert in virology and immunology. He has worked for the world’s top universities and top vaccine manufacturers. A copy of the censored article via the WayBack machine: RNA on wiki. Dr. Robert Malone’s CV explaining his life’s work on vaccines and why he can call this covid vaccine a bioweapon.

4. Dr. Ryan Cole: What the vaccine spike protein does to the body. A copy here at bitchute also.

5. Dr. Peter McCullough, here again on his website, America Out Loud, McCullough states the vaccines will cause a catastrophic event. He states it is a deliberate genocide. He asks, is this a deliberate push to weaken the American military?

6. Dr. Richard Fleming, Physicist, Nuclear Cardiologist, and attorney: The Fleming Method

7. Dr. Richard Fleming, The Covid Vaxx Creates the Variants 

8. Mike Adam’s interview with Dr. Fleming, the COVID-19 vaccine is an engineered bioweapon colonizing the body with spike proteins.

9. Vaccine Shedding: Dr. Sherry TenPenny

10. What is Graphene Oxide? Steve Peters with Dr. Jane Ruby

11. Graphene Oxide: Stew Peters with Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee

Decades of Vaccine Corruption

1. CDC and WHO Corrupt Financial Entanglements with the Vaccine Industry: Children’s Health Defense Web. PDF.

2. FDA inspections: Fraud, fabrication, and scientific misconduct are hidden from the public and doctors: Slate Web. PDF.

3. FDA Depends on Industry Funding; Money Comes with “Strings Attached”

4. Anatomy of Corruption: WHO Public Health Guidelines – Alliance for Human Research Protection

5. How a Terrorist Became Head of the World Health Organization: Tedros Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor!

6. American History of Compulsory Vaccination… Eugenics: Vaccine Impact

Masks and Lockdowns:

1. Video summary: Time to Reopen.

Research Papers: If you are unfamiliar reading research papers, scroll to the conclusion/discussion part to read the findings:

2. The known and sickening side effects of mask use is outlined here in a literature review (65 scientific studies). Demonstrating mask mandates are nothing but abusive and manipulative population control. Pathological disease states and contraindications: hypercapnia, hypoxia headache, dyspnea, physical exertion, MIES syndrome, facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis, acne, fatigue, skin temp and moisture rise under mask causing respiratory impairment, neurological impairment, immune suppression, increased blood pressure and heart rate, lower blood oxygenation saturation causing increased muscle work, impaired thinking and concentration problems, visual impairment, epilepsy and other seizures… plus more. The scientists are careful to state long term mask promotes certain cancers, arterioscelrosis, cardiac dysfunction and other heart diseases, and neurological diseases because these are all linked to long term oxidative stress which is the effect of long term mask use. From the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free PDF and the Web Version.

3. British Medical Journal, shared via NCBI: Randomized trial of cloth masks. Cloth masks have a 97% penetration rate. Influenza particles are larger than covid particles, the covid penetration rate is higher. Masks increase the rate of infection due to moisture retention on the masks. Cloth masks should not be recommended.

4.  Annals of Internal Medicine, The effectiveness of adding a mask: Results were inconclusive: there is no statistical difference wearing or not wearing masks, viruses spread regardless of mandates.

5. This is from the CDC. This is a pdf copy since the CDC are in the habit of hiding things that go against their political narrative: Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic… PPE: “We found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.” (Remember the covid particles are smaller than the influenza particles. So if masks do not work with influenza, they do not magically work for covid.) CDC Web version.

6. “Over 50 Scientific Studies Conclude Masks Do Nothing to Prevent the Spread of Illness”: PDF version. Web version.

7. No clear Science of Social Distancing. The six-foot social distance mandate is mere suggestion. The idea originated in a high school science fair. There was no previous scientific evidence/precedent for the experiment. There is is still no data proving it works. Covid is airborne.

8. Detrimental effects of masks on learning and language development in the young: Scientific American.

9. Dr. Vernon Coleman. He has articles and videos and a weekly updated account of the covid death rate: drvernoncolemen

School NOI

Virginia: Virginia homeschool law with notice of intent to homeschool. Here you will find help with all the legal implications of homeschooling in VA.

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