SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, is an umbrella term given in 1969 to explain away the unexplainable: How does an otherwise healthy baby suddenly die in their sleep? Establishment: “We don’t know. We’ll just diagnose it as a syndrome.” (SIDS is AKA, Cot Death)

True explanations for why there was an increase in babies suddenly dying when there was no prior health issue would not be sought or legitimized by the medical establishment because they were too busy enjoying their burgeoning and mesmerizing funding via the Big Pharma corps: “Of course it can’t be these Pharma guys. They pay us too much money. Money is good. And we are enjoying the money… ”

Over the ensuing decades correlation to vaccines was minimized or ignored by many doctors who were conveniently taught to NOT associate the increase in the death rate to anything meaningful. Often Big Pharma footed the bill for this training, including sponsoring conferences held in expensive hotels and holiday destinations.

BUT correlation through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s is: Sudden infant death exactly matched the sudden increase in infant/child vaccinations. In each decade we can map the increase in childhood disease and death to the increase of required childhood vaccinations. These maps match. But Pharma funded medical schools taught, “This is impossible. vaccinations are only good!” and many doctors blindly accepted this.

Now, between 2021-2022, the same Big Pharma corps, the politicians they own, and many doctors would have you believe “Sudden Teenage Death,” or “Sudden Athlete Death,” is also unexplainable, has no correlation, and we should just be ok with it.

I am not ok with it. Young healthy individuals DO NOT just suddenly die. They do not suddenly develop heart, neurological, or other issues. This is not normal. It is not OK. And people should not blindly accept the propaganda they are being fed about it.

I am not ok with Big Pharma’s (Babylon’s) sorcery (φαρμακείᾳ—pharmakeia). They have deceived all the nations through their witchcraft. This is the great deception described in Revelation 18 and Matthew 24. Their lethal vaccination is part of their deceiving witchcraft over the nations. There has never been a time in history like this, where the devil has had such a grip over every nation, at the same time, on the same single issue, a lab-created virus and its deathly vaccine. This is medical totalitarianism. They are stealthily enacting a global coup through forced medical treatments, fear, and psychological warfare. Their goal: subjugating and enslaving the nations.

Note: There was NO increase in the US death rate in 2020 when we only had covid, in spite of the media screaming at us twenty four hours a day, in spite of the CDC’s lying about the causes of death, and in spite of their fake testing with the PCR. The US death rate for 2020 tracks consistently with 2019, 2018, 2017… even with their murdering people in hospitals with Remdesivir and other narcotic sedatives, while calling it covid. There still was no increase.

But with the introduction of their bioweapon, some call a vaccine, what do you think happened to the yearly death rate in 2021? Life insurance companies are reporting an increase of more than 40%. They, naturally, are freaking out over having such an increase in payouts, so have become the ones sounding the alarm over the 2021 sudden increase in deaths…

Correlation: the lethal bio-weapon some call a vaccine.

Open your eyes. Repent. Pray. Seek God’s mercy.

Stop everyone in your world from falling for this great deception.