For the believer in Christ Jesus:

There are no “energies” or “frequencies” you should seek outside of the power the Holy Spirit makes available to the believer in Christ Jesus. Rocks, crystals, yoga-practicing, chakra-seeking, opening-your-third-eye, seeking-higher-consciousness-Christians are being lied to by demons who can appear as friends, spirit guides, and angels of light. This is a great deception.

There are fallen angels. They take many deceptive forms. They are evil. Their job is steal, kill, and destroy by any means.

God’s Great Awakening is very different to what many people are chasing down, the one many New Agers are promoting. An example is David Icke. He and others have been champions of freedom from mandates and are working to expose the deep state cabalist satanic agenda. So it looks right, it looks like a righteous fight, and we want to lock arms with people in a righteous fight!! But New Age is the other side of the same coin. Both belong to the devil. Satanism is obvious evil. New Age looks peaceful and has a “co-exist” message because of its inclusivism but there is a hidden maleficence in it. New Age is the official religion of the New World Order.

Be warned: There is power to be had. The devil counterfeits, twists, and repurposes what God has given the believer. Play with the devil’s power and you become enslaved to it.

Thank goodness for the blood of Jesus that was shed for me and you. It breaks all the power of darkness and every enslaving bondage.

Our spiritual inheritance is a life full of the Holy Spirit. His direct leading in our hearts—direct revelation. A freedom and joy and peace found in Him that nothing else in this world can come close to touching. He empowers us do all that God has in His heart for us to do. There is a flow in the Holy Spirit all believers can have through intimate friendship with Him —this is the purpose we were created. In intimate relationship is where we learn what it means to be carriers of His glory and we come alive with His life. Miracles, signs, wonders, and His glorious prophetic life become our normal.

(The lack of this in the church has been cause for many believers to chase down new age practices (other powers) because people know there is power to be had. And where the Holy Spirit is not welcome, not honored as Lord, or even blocked, believers have looked elsewhere. This is an indictment on many churches.)

God is the creator of all things. Jesus is the Lord of all. Every knee must bow to the mighty name of Jesus. We get to chose this now, in this life, and live in relationship with Jesus through the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. If not chosen in this life, still every knee will be made to bow in the next life because all will eventually have to acknowledge Jesus is the Lord of all, the Eternal King.