“Save,” “to save,” and “salvation” come from the Greek word family σώζω and σωτηερια (sozo and soteria). The most basic meaning from these are: to fully save, fully heal, and fully deliver. The heal part means: “cure” from all physical and inner (of the mind) brokenness, sickness, and disease.

Biblically, “save” means: fully save, fully heal, and fully deliver.

I am writing this because a big church, very near to my house, was in the local news this week for providing Covid 19 testing and vaccines. When interviewed about this the pastor explained he believes the blood of Jesus saves us from sin, only, and does not heal us from diseases. His direct quote:

My response to that is the blood of Jesus protects [us] from sins; the vaccine covers the virus. There is no connection between the blood of Jesus and the sacrificial death of Jesus and the spread whether it’s omicron or another variant. There is no connection whatsoever. Medicine and the doctors are all a gift from God that allows us to live in the context we are living now.

This broke my heart because it is a deceitful lie to believe Jesus does not or cannot heal. A lie that the devil has sown into the church. Many believe this lie because they have not seen healing manifest in their own lives or ministry. So, they have downgraded what salvation means to make their theology match their experience.

I have seen countless healings and miracles. I want to see so many more. It is supposed to be our normal. The Bible normalizes healing and miracles. If they are not manifest in our lives, the issue is not with God or His Word, the issue is us. Our responsibility is to humble ourselves and keep pressing into Jesus, our “Savior,” for breakthrough in this area.

Jesus’ command to us is: heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons… (Matt 10:8). He has anointed us and given us spiritual authority for the task. Our words must not be simply wise and persuasive, but also be in demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit (1Cor 2:4).

We bring Jesus glory by manifesting an overcoming-supernatural-life lived after His example. Jesus even said, we would see greater miracles than what He did (Jn 14:12). Don’t let false humility rob you of this blessing.