Every time I open my mouth and talk about Jesus I am confident that heaven is waiting in anticipation as the words coming out of my mouth are living and active and will put faith into a persons heart, Ephesians 4:12.

Even the smallest invitation to church or simply saying Jesus loves you just as you are, is a seed that goes into a heart that God will cause to grow, Mark 4:26 and 1Corithnians 3:6.

If I am faithful to open my mouth and talk about Jesus, God will do the work in the person’s heart. I don’t have to strive. I don’t have to try and win the person myself. I don’t have to be convincing. I don’t even have to even worry about getting my theology 100% correct.

(Fear of being theologically incorrect stops more people from talking about Jesus because they get intimidated and so say nothing)

I just have to open my mouth, speak about Jesus and confidently know the person is being changed right before my very eyes. Something spiritual is taking place in their heart. I can’t see it but I know God is doing a miracle in that person, Hebrews 1:4.

So, I expect change in a person every time I open my mouth and talk about Jesus. I know if they don’t respond that very moment, they will go away thinking about the words I spoke. God will remind them:

Jesus love me,
He forgives me,
He doesn’t hold my sin against me,
He knows everything about me and still loves me,
And He sent someone into my world to tell me He loves me.

The words we use can be that simple. We can be confident that Heaven backs up those words as they are straight up gospel and Heaven wants that person to respond even more than we do.  We can be that confident.

I literally will sit talking with a person, keenly aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in that moment working in their heart to bring change and working in mine, making me all the more confident.  For the gospel is the power of God bringing salvation for all, Romans 1:16.