Angels and demons are everywhere. We know our physical world is full of people and animals of every kind. A rain forest is alive with every kind of animal and bug. What about the ocean? It’s teaming with creatures. Why do we think the spirit realm would be any different? Or less full of spiritual-life? The physical is temporary. How much more is the eternal spiritual realm filled?

I often see angels. There are billions of angels (Revelation 5:11). There is an angel for every person (Matthew 18:10). Why would a Christian think this is weird? Worse, why would a preacher, or church leader, say this is weird? Or that we can’t see angels? Our Bible is full of people interacting with angels, both in the Old and New Testament. Having a Biblical-spiritual worldview requires this understanding.

The Bible normalizes “seeing” in the spirit. Read it for yourself.

I also see demons. I’d rather not, but… they are NOT scary. They are “weak and miserable forces” (Galatians 4:9). Often when I’ve seen them (in varied size and shape) I see how weak they are. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. I don’t go looking and playing with them. I’ve only seen them when the Holy Spirit has wanted to reveal them, and usually because He wants to teach me something, or He wants to deal with these nasty spiritual squatters—to get a person free, or healed, etc.

How then can they wield power? The devil is a liar. He is the father of all lies (John 8:8). He trades in lies and deception, daily. He’s had a lot of practice. From the beginning, Genesis 3 records him twisting the words of God into a blatant deception to trap Eve.

Believing a lie empowers the liar. This is true for every person on the planet. Christians are not immune. The moment a lie is believed, satan—or any of his demons—can begin to build a web of deception.

A Christian cannot be “possessed” by a demon because Jesus is Who owns us. The Holy Spirit has placed a seal over our heart (Ephesians 1:13). It’s like a mark over a heart that states, “This one’s Mine!” It can be clearly seen by both angels and demons in the spirit realm. They know you belong to God. They see the mark clearly.

However, while a Christian CANNOT be “possessed” a Christian very definitely can be harassed and oppressed by demons. Remember the devil and his demons operate through lies and deception. Any believed lie, no matter how small, can empower the liar. Unfortunately, many Christians are harassed and remain helpless because of an inability to recognize and deal with the lies, much less recognize demonic harassment, at least not in a spiritual sense…‬

Very often medical or psychiatric diagnoses are given and the problem is medicated.

Symptoms are managed.

Why if Jesus’ ministry was “save, heal, and deliver,” do so many in the church ignore the “heal and deliver” part? The Greek word σῴζω (sozo) is “save” and σωτηρία (soteria) is “salvation.” These words mean: Fully save. Fully heal. Fully deliver. Completely. This is the liberty Christians are to walk in, but a great many don’t.

Huge numbers of people coming to altar calls are celebrated—and always should be—but it only represents one third of Jesus’ ministry. Why do so many people come back again and again on salvation altar calls? Why do so many Christians struggle with wrong and sinful habits? Most don’t want to, yet the struggle continues. Why do some seem so bound up with problems? Why does abundant joy seem so far away? Could it be the missing two thirds of Jesus ministry?

We should be asking why is two thirds of Jesus’ ministry ignored by so many in the church?

What is the two thirds? (1) INNER HEALING of the wounds of the soul, our mind, will, and emotions, and PHYSICAL HEALINGS of the body, which includes creative miracles; and (2) DELIVERANCE. And where these ministries are missing from the church, spiritual harassment and oppression of Christians remains unabated.

Here are some common examples of harassment, some may be familiar:

  • depression, anxiety, and fear
  • suicidal thoughts
  • anger and control issues
  • ongoing marital problems
  • sexual infidelity, pornography, or any perversion of sexuality
  • eating disorders and self-loathing
  • insomnia
  • chronic sickness
  • continually bitter and critical
  • confused thoughts
  • no appetite for the Bible or prayer
  • spiritual lethargy
  • not knowing the true joy and freedom the Bible promises
  • condemning and shame-filled thoughts… etc

A Christian can be “saved” BUT NOT “free.” That is, a Christian’s eternal salvation is assured but they can still struggle with demonic oppression. The problem of Christians being harassed by demons is very real and very common. Noted Christian leader, medical doctor, and theologian, Francis McNutt, Ph.D, having decades of experience in healing ministry says one third of all Christians struggle with some level of oppression because of an unhealed area, or a lack of repentance in an area of their life, leaving them open to demonic harassment. I thought this was a high number. But I am not surprised. I see it way too often, sadly.

The freedom Christ won for us is one that cannot be shaken, no matter what valley we may have to walk though. It’s His loving desire that we live completely free, full of joy, and overflowing with life, continually, no interruptions. NO Christian has to live harassed and helpless AND there is no shame in seeking help, only great freedom to walk into.

So seek help if you need it, even if you have to go outside your church because many churches don’t recognize this great ministry need, let alone have people who know how to operate in it. Worse, some churches actually stigmatize people who come for help. We’ve got to de-stigmatize this in the church so people feel safe getting the help they need.

The churches job in this ministry is to teach to remove every lie, deliver people through prayer, remove all fear with great love, give people dignity in the process, remove all shame, and stop condemning those that come for help.