It’s amazing what a new addition to the family does to a person. When a couple find themselves getting ready to bring home a new baby, many unrealized instincts kick in.

They will clean house and make room for the new addition; organizing the space so the new family member is comfortable, happy, secure, well fed. The details are meticulously thought through so the new family member can adapt quickly to the new environment.

Anticipation and excitement is at fever pitch.

With all it’s vulnerability the new addition needs a lot of love and care. The existing family members, mom, dad, and older siblings, share the responsibilities of loving and caring for the new addition.

When a new person comes through the doors of our church or a person makes a decision for Jesus, do we realize they are a new addition–they are a new family member coming home.

Are we excited by their arrival?
Happy to see them?
Do we do our utmost to make them feel welcome?
Are they made to feel like they are an extremely important new family member?
Will they get the proper care and food they need?
Will they feel like they have come home?
Is our faith level at fever pitch as they come home?
Are we helping them adapt to the new environment?