People who believe Christians should stay out of politics deny the great commission of Jesus to: “disciple nations” (Matt 28:19). These people are ignorant of the spiritual void left when Christians exit. No such spiritual void exists, satan will exploit everything and anything he can.

Where Christians will not stand up for truth, demons will fill that space with every kind of lying doctrine and ideology. It is why there have been over 60 million abortions in the US over the last few decades. Those Christians who were bullied into “politically correct” silence by religious spirits, and there were a lot, meant that we lost more than 60 million Americans to abortion.

The political realm is the place of demonic warfare for control over cities and nations and even churches. In Revelation 2:20, Jesus said, “I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel…” Many in the church tolerate and submit to Jezebel convincing themselves it is good and right to do so, “mmm… because… stay out of politics.”

Many weak and fearful Christians say and do nothing, having convinced themsleves to believe submission to evil is righteous. Some even try and call submission to evil, “Love.” It is not love. When people are dying on your watch but you say and do, worse, criticize those who speak up, this is never Love.

When, “Love your neighbor…” and “It is what Jesus would do” are used to get people to submit to evil and comply with lies, these messages are manipulation. Manipulation is witchcraft. Manipulation promotes satan’s demomonic agenda. He seeks demonic principality control over cities and nations and churches. Using scripture to get people to bow and comply to evil is helping satan.

The preaching of truth and the exposing of every lie is not “politics” as some want to call it. It is for the saving of many peoples lives. It is for the exposure of the devil’s plans, for the dismantling and removal of his evil schemes against humanity.

Truth will prevail. God’s Word is powerful. Jesus Himself is Truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. God loves truth. And the flowering of truth in a person’s heart brings freedom. God wants His people to be free. Truth makes us FREE.