Jesus was as at ease and comfortable, warm and engaging with everyone. No matter a persons background, age, gender, bank account, social status, education, business, role in society, profession. Even the very lonely, socially marginalized, the sick, and the contagiously sick at that, all felt welcome in His presence.

His engaging presence was inviting and comforting. People felt safe. They felt at ease. They felt as if they had come home and they had. His love for people acted like a magnetic force that drew people in.

If we are trying to impress people with who we are, we ourselves are looking to be loved and accepted, to be popular or important. People will not feel safe with us, or be comforted by us.

But, when we give up trying to impress people and even trying to impress ourselves with who we are, who we know, what we do, the clothes we wear, our successes, accomplishments, possessions, our gifts and talents, then we are free to love people the way Jesus did.

And when we are content with being loved by God and we know who we are in God, we get free on the inside, so that we can freely love the people around us the way Jesus did.

A great God-confidence fills us, so that we can meet other people’s needs for love and acceptance. This becomes magnetic and attractive to everyone.

Love is the greatest magnetic force for the Gospel.