Snobbery is dead!

If you love Jesus, snobbery must die…

If you love Jesus, you cannot be a snob. It is anti-gospel. It is loveless.

“My brothers, pay no servile regard to people, show no prejudice, no partiality (no favoritism). Do not attempt to hold and practice the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of glory together with snobbery!”  James 2:1, AMP.

Snobbery is condescending or ignoring people of perceived lower social status. A snob believes many people are beneath their own perceived superior status. A snob strives to associate with people of perceived high status–striving to be recognized as a person of high status themselves; a superiority complex.

A snob will sidle up beside people they perceive will make them look important. A snob is projecting to the world and pretending to themselves they are important.

I say perceived because it’s based upon a snobs own judgement of people’s status.

That’s just the point, the snob judges people and then disregards those they have judged as unimportant, or less than. That judging comes from an insecure heart.

The tendency toward snobbish superiority, comes from insecurity. Insecurity is what pushes a person so hard to want to look the part, be seen to look the part, have the right friends, right associations, look and feel important, be treated like they are better than others.

As a Christian we totally miss the point of God’s love for us and others if we behave this way.

God’s love makes us secure. God’s love is the great equalizer of people. God’s love elevates all people to the extremely high status of son or daughter of the Most High God. Not one single person is left out of this.

A secure heart is full of love for all people and completely unconcerned with social status, or lack of it. Social status doesn’t even enter their thinking because every person is highly valued and highly important to God.

When God’s love rules in our heart, every person is important, valued, worthy of great honor and respect, worthy of our deepest gratitude for who they are and because God has put them in our world. For the simple fact that a person has breath in their lungs, a beating heart, and they exist in our world, we love them and they confidently know it.

Our ability to love like this demonstrates our faith in God because our treatment of people is our good works of faith in action.

“…faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead).” James 2:17, AMP.

This is why snobbery is dead: Poor treatment of people, devaluing some, showing favoritism to others, shows a very small love for people, this shows a very small faith in God, a faith destitute of power, inoperative, and dead. The snob is more concerned with impressing people, rather than living to impress God into the hearts of people.