Honor is found when we honor others, treating them with respect, adding value, and dignity, no matter who they are or their status in life; rather than seeking it for ourselves.

Honor is found when we serve others, rather than seeking to be served.

Honor is found when we help others and speak up for what is right, especially those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Honor is found when we overlook the faults of others, rather than pointing them out so as to ruin a reputation. It takes honorable character to overlook the faults of others and look instead for the gold.

Honor is found when we keep our mouth shut and do not gossip. There is no reason ever good enough for gossip or reputation ruining. Not one. Not ever. We only dishonor ourselves with our loose lips.

Honor is found when we walk away from strife and conflict rather than open our mouth to add fuel to a fire. Keeping our mouth shut rather than spouting an arrogant opinion; even if our opinion is right. If we are exerting our pride-filled ego over another, it reveals a self-seeking, self-promoting heart: dishonorable.

Honor is found when we walk away empty-handed and silent. It’s our pride-filled ego that wants to be proven right, to be the victorious winner in bitter disagreements or full-blown argument. There is no honor in being the winner-whotakes-all in relationships because love does the opposite, it gives-all and prefers others.

Honor is found when we lift and encourage others.

Honor is found in our love for others. Honor is a byproduct of love. When we love, not just in mere words but with a genuine and sincere love, honor flows naturally.

Real honor is found when we honor God in everything we do.