God quite humorously shows us through our own kids some of the ridiculous antics we get up to as adults. Parenthood is a great way for Him to show us our own behavior as adults and some of His responses to us…

1. When my daughter is counting what she gets, counting what her brother(s) get, comparing, and then complaining that her brother(s) get more, I am not inclined to want to even up the score. Her comparing, whining, and complaining do not win for her, my listening ear.

2. When my kids are spontaneously generous with their things, willingly share, and even sacrificing for each other, I am moved to want to give and provide so much more for them.

3. Sometimes after I have corrected an attitude or behavior in one of my kids, a few days–sometimes only minutes–later, I hear them correcting their brother or sister for the same thing, as if they are so mature and know better. I think, Yikes! It’s a pharisee in the making!

4. My heart is no more full of love and delight for my kids than when they are lovingly getting along, kind, generous, encouraging, helping each other, laughing with each other, enjoying being family. This is my favorite time with them. I love being with them spending time enjoying these moments. Living in unity with each other…

5. Why Mommy? Is a question I get asked a lot. Sometimes I answer and sometimes I don’t. I want my kids to trust my love for them and therefore listen and do as I ask, when I ask. I’m not trying to make robots out of them but I know much better than they, what they need, when they need it, and how to keep them safe and well provided for. I want my kids to learn, grow, and mature. It’s my job to teach them many things but often I just want them to do what I ask, when I ask, without asking questions, and just trust that everything will work out for their best. I am always planning good things for them.

6. If my kids whine, demand their way, or tantrum, I just don’t play that game. They have quickly come to understand, they don’t get what they want in those moments. They often get the opposite. As an adult that behavior can be seen as a demanding, self-entitled manipulator. It’s ugly and God doesn’t play that game either.