Many ask the question, “Why do we ask Holy Spirit to ‘come’ in our songs when He’s already here?” and then make the follow up statement, “We don’t have to keep asking Him, He’s already here.”

Well, yes, He is… He fills everything in every way. He holds everything together. He is the sustainer of all of life. He comes and makes His home in believers heart. We are constantly surrounded by His Presence. Everything we do is done before the “face” of God. He sees everything and knows everything, at all times. Where “two or more are gathered, there am I in the midst”…. we know this. 

And yet, we still ask Him to “come” and “fill us again” and “pour out upon us” again and again because we are desperate for more of Him. It is the hungry heart that is not satisfied with anything less than God Himself, and we want to grow into deeper intimacy. He is always willing to go deeper with us. There is always so much more of Himself that He wants to give. 

So this language of “come” and “fill us again” and “I want more of You” makes it into our worship songs because it is the cry of the hungry heart. It demonstrates a continual invitation (cry) from our heart to His that we value Him over anything else, that He is the greatest desire and longing of our heart, and all our affection belong to Him; as one of the son’s of Korah wrote, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God…” (Psalm 42:1-2).

Often in worship, individual or the corporate gathering, God does come in a more powerful way. He “manifests glory” in a more powerful way. And when He does this, everyone in the room knows, they don’t have to be told “God is here” because it is increasingly more obvious as the spiritual atmosphere changes. There is a Presence (or power) in the room that wasn’t there five minutes ago… this is why we keep asking Him to come and fill and make Himself known in more and greater ways.

“Come Holy Spirit” is the deepest longing and greatest need of our hearts…