This blog maybe hard to read. I don’t know who will read it but want to say from the very beginning, if you have had an abortion, there is forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ. He rejects no one. Everyone who confesses their sin to Jesus, seeks His forgiveness and healing, receives it. Everyone. His body was broken and His blood shed for the forgiveness of all sin. He completely removes all sin, guilt, shame, and condemnation. There is great hope and a great future for anyone who will trust in Jesus.

Abortion was thrust into the center of American life this week as many states rushed to make new laws. Some states allow for abortion up to the moment of birth. Other states are making it increasingly harder to kill babies in the womb. Some law makers are blocking the “Born Alive” medical bill–if after a failed abortion a baby is born alive, blockers to this bill do not want the baby to receive life-saving medical help. They want the baby left to die, alone, in the hospital. This is cold blooded murder.

But what about the spiritual ramifications??

The spiritual prison of abortion is a blood covenant with death. 

In one of our prayer meetings over the weekend God gave me a chilling vision of the spiritual reality of abortion. He showed me into an operating room where an abortion had just taken place. There were three faceless people standing in the room, possibly abortion workers, or possibly demons? They were all looking toward a young woman who lay on a gurney in abject fear. There was a look of horror her face I won’t easily forget. The abortion had already taken place. There was no going back. No undoing this.

I watched as the women, still on the gurney, curled up into a fetal position and looked away from the three figures looming over her. Then I saw a prison cell forming around her. The cell bars were bright red. I had to ask the Lord, “Why are they red?”

I often see in the spirit. Seeing in the spirit can be part of either the prophetic gift or the discernment gift, but really, visions and revelation is part of every believers spiritual inheritance. Visions and revelation is the “normal” for those believers who live filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Usually when I see prisons or other forms of bondage on people, they are black, or various dirty shades of grey-brown. I had not yet seen a red spiritual bondage like the one forming around the young woman. But I definitely have not seen all there is to see in the spirit realm either, and I am in the practice of asking something like, “Holy Spirit what are you showing me?”

This day I asked, “Why are they red?” (Why are the bars of this particular spiritual bondage of abortion red?) The Holy Spirit said, “She has made a blood covenant with death.”  I stopped looking at the vision. This was probably the wrong thing to do, but it was a shocking revelation He had just communicated. It stung my heart to think of so many women tricked into this demonic bondage. For this is what abortion is: devilish, demonic trickery. Women are lied to and manipulated into a lifetime of bondage.

A lot of scriptures flew threw my mind about covenant, the shedding of blood to ratify, etc. Holy Spirit made it clear, abortion is the creation of a blood covenant with death. Death of course being the devil and his kingdom.

Now in 2019, we are so modern, we don’t practice this “weird” and barbaric way of making contracts anymore!! We are civilized. This is the stuff of ancient lore, of paganism, and witchcraft…  Is it though?

During an abortion, the blood of the mother and baby are co-mingled in the womb as the baby is murdered. With the co-mingling of blood and death, a demonic covenant is made. It’s a demonic spiritual contract. This is what the Holy Spirit was showing me in the vision, a red barred prison that is impenetrable—other than with the blood of Jesus Christ which can break down every prison door, set any captive free.

Few people talk about the reality of the demonization of post-abortive women because demonization is downplayed in our culture. Much of the church ignores this, to the detriment of everyone. We are “modern” people and we have science. We have progressed past old superstitions. We trust science more than we trust God. We’ve been tricked into ignoring the spiritual realm that plays out around us every single moment of everyday; unless it’s in the form of entertainment, then bring on the zombies…

As a result, and in the context of abortion, there are hurting women who have been tricked into this prison. And with this prison comes untold pain, shame, regret, guilt, fear, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, hopelessness, despair, rage, self-loathing—which can manifests as hatred for others. Need I continue this list? I think not…

These demonic manifestations will travel with a woman her whole life unless she brings it under the blood of Jesus and seeks His freedom, the only true freedom. But a problem exists here because many people have a poor view of Christians and the church, and some of this is deserved. The weight of post-abortion condemnation and judgment is so huge that it will work to keep many women away from God, because they have felt this weight coming from the very people who claim to represent God.

We have to do a much better job of helping people to the love and mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. Of course this means repentance, without which none of us can come to Him. Salvation and deliverance are necessary steps to freedom from this spiritual prison. The breaking of souls ties is also necessary. This ministry is very easy but it must be done in love and grace and in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is always ready and willing to redeem everyone who comes to Him.