My prime motivator in life is Jesus.  He is at the center of who I am.  I have firmly placed Him there.  I was created to be in relationship with Him.  He is the first purpose of my existence and where all other purposes find their meaning.  Without my relationship with Jesus any other purpose for my life would be utterly useless.

He gives meaning and value to my life.  He is the author and finisher of it, Hebrews 12:2.

In my everyday moments, big and small, important and even the mundane, I am aware of His presence and the purpose He’s given me for every moment.

I can be standing washing dishes or doing the laundry–very mundane–and even in those moments there is purpose as I am serving people and there is great value in that.

That is the opposite of what the world says.  It says:

Come serve me.
What are you doing for me?
Give to me.
I deserve…
I am entitled to…

My meaning and value is not based on the external world that is full of material things or titles or people trying to exert themselves over each other–a play for power and attention.

It’s plain and simple–Jesus.  He gives meaning and value and without Him I would be utterly useless.  I am totally and forever ruined for Jesus.