For many people the freedom God wants to give us is too much!

  • Too much responsibility
  • Too much accountability
  • Too much exposure of the hidden things in my heart
  • Too much having to forgive others, letting them off the hook
  • Too much repentance
  • Too humbling
  • Too un-dignifying (especially freedom in worship!)
  • Too much risk
  • I can no longer blame others
  • I can no longer excuse myself, while blaming others
  • I can no longer be offended by others
  • I can no longer control others
  • I can no longer accuse others
  • I cannot seek to validate myself, nor my opinion, in order to make me feel better
  • It’s all-together too much surrender of my heart

Freedom can be difficult for people because to experience the freedom God wants to give we have to spiritually grow up.

Freedom requires responsibility for our thinking and believing, a responsibility for the decisions and actions that have followed our thinking and believing.

Freedom requires a heart that repents quickly and often. A heart that recognizes and surrenders pride and allows God to bring the change He wants—not the change we think we need.

Freedom requires us to allow the Word of God to deeply penetrate our heart. When we see things through the light of scripture false things fall away, counterfeits are seen for what they are, and we begin to see and hear God more clearly.

Freedom requires us to give total control of our lives to God, completely trusting Him, a total surrender.

Freedom requires we let go of all our need to control other people because in our attempts to control others we severely limit our own spiritual freedom. In reaching for control of others we open wide the door to demonic oppression in our own life. Wanting to control others is the work of the devil. It’s vital for God’s people to give up all desire to control other people.

Freedom is being aware of the Holy Spirit, continually listening to Him, and quickly obeying Him. Yes, our freedom is dependent upon our obeying the Holy Spirit.

Where the Holy Spirit is Lord, there will be an ever-increasing measure of freedom (2Corinthians 3:17). He wants nothing less than our utter dependence upon Him. This is our willingness to live by the ongoing and internal revelation He generously gives, AND as we respond in faith and obedience, He gives more and more of Himself to us in relationship. It’s here we discover the purpose of our existence was always for this wonderful, free and intimate relationship with the God of Heaven. This is freedom.

(Drawing by permission, Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig.)