Very early on December 29, 2022, around 1am, in a vision, I saw a figure like an ancient man from the time of Jesus, dressed in similar clothes we would expect Jesus to wear. Once God had my attention, He said:

Jesus came at a time when Rome was like the Deep State is now, same kind of oppression everywhere. Rome was more brutal and fear-inciting, as the violence done was not hidden, it was in people’s faces.

[Today, the] oppression is more violent, yet hidden. It is sinister and stealthy. My people have not discerned it. The enemy has entrapped My people, My very own.

This had to happen to show the distance in people’s hearts from Me. The mixture that crept in allowed the deception to creep in and give birth to full-blown sin and idolatry. My people have been asleep to their own idolatry. They call it “needed rest,” “entertainment,” and “distraction from the busyness of their day.”

I am removing the idolatry.

I am removing the idolatry.

I am calling My church back to Her First Love. So people will again know My great love and be romanced by Me. I want my people fixated on Me, and My Love… in Me is LIFE! Overflowing, abundant, healing LIFE that cannot be compared to anything else in life. Nothing compares to Me. Nothing can compete, overwhelm, or win over Me. I am the Alpha and Omega.

Come to Me all you who are thirsty and hungry, and I will give you rest. For I am gentle and humble and kind. I will heal you and restore and bring you to Myself. You are Mine.

This is significant!

God is clearly saying we are under the same kind of oppressive occupation that those in Jesus’ days were under, but the Deep State has gotten away with a “more violent” type of tyranny because of its hidden nature. And because of its hidden nature, the church has not discerned it.

God is also saying we (the Church) let this happen because our hearts were distant from God. We allowed pollution and mixture to pollute our hearts. We have been distracted by our many idolatries. This opens a person to deception. It renders a person spiritually blind and deaf, unable to perceive or receive God or His Truth!

BUT we are seeing God move to rescue us from things we can’t rescue ourselves out of! We couldn’t see the need to be rescued, let alone do the rescuing. God is moving to purify His church! As we repent of our inability to see and know God and repent of our unfaithfulness to Him because of the many idols we have allowed into our lives, He will clean us ups fully!

Acts 3:19 “Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” (NASB).