The Holy Spirit does not compete to be heard.

He does not raise His voice above the busy fray of our lives.

He will not compete with our own loud voice, loud thoughts, or logical rationalizing… rational-lies-ing!

The Holy Spirit will not compete with our many beloved distractions. Minuscule as they are in comparison to Who He is.

He never asserts His way.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman.

He will never barge into our lives uninvited.

And like any uninvited or snubbed guest who does not feel welcome, He will make His presence scarce.

He will quietly remain in the background of our lives. Always there. Always seeing. Always knowing. Always yearning over us with great longing for intimacy.

But, He will never demand our attention.

The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman.

He will remain a silent and seemingly inactive partner in our lives unless we prioritize Him and make it known to Him–the One we cannot fool, He is welcome, vitally needed, valued as precious, required even more than the oxygen in our lungs…