I was in Starbucks yesterday with my two boys. I was paying for some scones when my six year old son picked up the bag containing his scone. Reading the caption on the bag he said very loudly, Mom, what’s “Let’s Merry”? All the other customers heard and some laughed because they also were wondering.

My eight year old hearing his brother, looked at his bag saying, Yeah, Mom. What do they mean by “Let’s Merry”? It doesn’t make sense.

My first grader then said, in his very loud voice, Don’t they know it’s Merry Christmas? And that it’s about Jesus?

On one side of the Starbucks bag there were just two words, Let’s Merry.

I kind of laughed to myself thinking even young kids see through political correctness that has gone way too far. My young boys, who are in first and third grade, read the Starbucks bag and in a nanosecond realized how ridiculous it was.

And I wondered if the highly paid execs at Starbucks realized how they come across to young kids (possible future loyal customers) who see through the silliness that adults sometimes play at.

We have freedom of expression and freedom of speech and freedom of religion and I am thankful for that and in the last couple of decades there has been a strong message of tolerance. Tolerance of everything, everyone, every opinion, every thought and idea–no matter how far a departure from sanity the idea may be.

That is at least, tolerance of everything except Christianity, Christians, the Bible, anything Jesus really. Jesus is highly untolerated. Vehemently untolerated. Sometimes violently untolerated.

What happens to the message of tolerate everything and everyone, when the same people preaching that message say, don’t tolerate Christians or anything having even the smell of Christianity?  

Reality check!!

It’s a good thing my first grader can see through that silliness. He laughed at a giant multinational company for being so lacking in truth, that it ends up standing for non-sense with it’s holiday caption of Let’s Merry.