One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is ourself. Our real self. Not a perfect version of ourself, or the version we wished everyone else believed about us. Just our true self.

A fake, inauthentic, manufactured version of ourself will always disappoint people because there is a disconnect with what we say and what we do. People see through the fake, trying to impress, continually trying to manage our image. Then we lose those people. They stop trusting us and rightfully so. 

God sees our real self. He knows everything about us and He loves us. If we live honestly before Him, we won’t try to impress others by trying to project some image of fake perfection. We can simply enjoy being ourselves. With that comes great confidence and great power to do the things He has called us to do–reach people.

If we get caught up trying to project perfection we lose the very thing that helps us reach people, our dependence on God’s grace because of our humanness.

Our humanness is our imperfection. Our humanness causes us to lean into God’s grace. If we try and hide our humanness, our imperfection, we strive to be something we are not and our striving pushes people away–the people we are supposed to be reaching.

Instead, if we live simply before God and people, every one of our imperfections gets covered by God’s grace. People will see our ever increasing dependence on His grace and that gives them hope that they also get covered by that same grace.

God’s grace brings hope for a better life and it brings God’s power to live that better life.

Our humanness reveals God’s grace to a world that desperately needs it.

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