For a free America and to build for the generations read the Presidents report here (pdf):  The 1776 Report

The 1776 Report was commissioned by President Donald J. Trump to educate the rising generation on their fundamental freedoms, the historical foundations of American freedom, and the principles required to maintain freedom.

America is a nation like no other. One of its most unique features is its foundation in freedom. America has helped raise many other nations out of the abyss of poverty and out of the tyranny of oppression as it has been the champion of freedom among the nations. America has done this because it has been the nation that has striven the hardest and furthest to give dignity and opportunity to every person regardless of their race, creed, gender, or socio-economic position. 

America is God’s Beautiful Evangelist Nation. She will rise and fulfill her destiny with this coming generation of young people. They will be the “Champions of Freedom Generation.”

Read the 1776 report. Share it with your kids. We have a very bright future ahead. This Land of the Free, Home of the Brave nation, is a great nation: The 1776 Report

Happy July 4th!