One of my sons had a soccer game this past Saturday.

The previous week, the team of 9 year olds had a bye week. A week off. They didn’t play. And, a few of the soccer practices had been cancelled due to rain. The kids hadn’t played or practiced for a few weeks.

Saturday’s game was dismal. A shambles of a game. My son had fun running all over the field with the other 9 year olds, but he was not playing soccer. He ran after the ball slowly, sleepily, barely getting his foot to the ball. They lost the game.

Do we follow Jesus this way?

If we live prayerless and Wordless lives, not listening to or obeying Holy Spirit, not understanding He wants incredible intimate relationship with us, it has the same effect as having a bye week. Like canceling soccer practice a few times, yet still expecting sharpness on the soccer field.

We end up running around, having a lot fun, looking busy playing church, but not really being the church.

This is slow, sleepy, dull, barely their Christianity–Christianity without the power of God. 

Guess who loses?

We do. And so do the people who need to hear about Jesus.