There is great freedom in living our lives simply before God. Uncomplicated. Free to love and free live.

Our simple faith in Jesus, followed by our simple obedience, ensures we will be content in life.

Not simple, as in unlearned, or lacking in mental capacities, but simply uncomplicated, unwavering faith in God… God said it. I believe it

Without that simplicity we will live lives of discontent. Often with frustrated and confused emotions. Small things will tend toward major crisis. Our lives can become full of drama, depression, instability, insecurity. Strain in relationships is typical.

Without that simplicity we have a hard time accepting the place God has put us. We don’t understand it. Don’t want to stay there when it gets hard. Trying to figure everything out on our own, chaos starts to rule in our heart and thinking. We can get spiritually very sick.

The problem: a lack of trust in God’s goodness, a lack of trust in His integrity, and a lack of trust in His love for us.

God loves us. He is faithful. We can believe He will do what He said He would do. We can trust Him.

We are completely loved by God and because of His grace, completely forgiven of everything.

We can stand confidently before Him free to be completely open and honest. Allowing Him to probe and examine our heart.

That is how we get uncomplicated all-out honesty before Him, allowing Him to work in our heart.

He wants to build into our lives simple trust, simple faith, simple hope, simple love.

Let Him, it’s a wonderful thing.