If I live my life willfully unsubmitted, compromising, cutting corners, arrogantly and selfishly behaving as if others don’t matter, lacking integrity, willfully pursuing what I want over what God wants, then I alone am completely responsible for the consequences that come to my life.

There is grace and forgiveness for me, but there are always consequences and I alone am responsible. My willfulness leaves very little room for God to help me. I will spend my life striving, fearful or apprehensive about the future. Innner peace will be something I only hear about. I will be anxious and unsettled on the inside. My faith will waiver.


If I live my life obedient to God, faithfully and humbly doing everything He has asks, honoring Him, with a soft and willing heart, God becomes responsible for every thing that comes to my life. Everything! Even when it doesn’t look so favorable–He remains the responsible party. The good and the bad, all of it, He owns the consequences…

Well what does that mean?

I don’t have to worry or fear, everything will eventually be made good because God is faithful.

If I have done all God has asked of me, I am free to trust His great love and faithfulness toward me. Because I obediently trusted Him, I am in the safest place I can be.  Free to know He works everything for good. I can trust God’s integrity to do what He said He would do.

Faithful obedience brings a total freedom from the normal worry or concerns, fears or insecurities that come when we are not living obedient, submitted, and God-honoring.

This freedom makes me content and full of inner peace, completely secure and at rest in God hands.