It takes simple trust, simple child like faith to believe that God, our Father, loves us and wants to bring good things to our life. And we can trust Him, He is faithful.

Yet it’s the simple trust that we have a hard time with.

We get concerned with missing God’s will. Concerned with His timing. Concerned with our position. Concerned with what others seem to be doing or getting. And overly concerned with some of the people God has put in our life. And instead of trusting God, we take over because we want to be in control.

Self obsessed in what we want to be doing, absorbed in our own plans and with the right amount of religious talk, we make our plans look like God opportunities–we don’t even see God right in front of us–we miss God, Romans 9:32.

Often we do this because God’s will does not make sense to us. We may have reason to question and doubt what He is doing. People may have given us reason to question–the people we thought God put in our life.

Often we do it because we fail to recognize God is building spiritual muscle in us and we want to short cut that process because it takes too long and it can be a painful process of dying to self–and we don’t like that.

Simple trust in Him requires that we step back, relax and give Him control.

Simple trust requires our very willing obedience to Him.

It requires that we see God at work in our life, His involvement in every situation, every person, every relationship–even the difficult ones, every burden, every criticism, when we are loved and honored, when we are treated badly, or dishonored; if we see it all as coming from Him, keeping our eyes on Him, He becomes responsible for the outcomes. He will turn it all around for our good, Romans 8:28.

If we simply embrace what He is doing, straightening out our lives and putting us on a track moving steadily toward Him, we find ourselves right in the very center of His will, Romans 9:30.

God’s will is not a hit-or-miss thing dependent on what we do or don’t do but a sure thing determined by His decision, flowing steadily from His initiative, Romans 9:11 (MSG). He made the plans. He set them in motion. We just need to keep our eyes on Him, stay in the place He has put us, and simply trust.

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