Mahatma Gandhi said, I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

We as the church are responsible for the way the world views Jesus. Me, I am responsible for the way the people in my world view Jesus.

The minute we open our mouths and say I’m a Christian we invite the staring eyes of everyone within ears distance of our statement because people really want to know, Is this Jesus really as good as people say He is? Is He really worth following? And they watch our lives closely to see.

We should remember Jesus was never harsh, critical or judging of people when they were hurting and in need of Him. He shows love, grace and mercy. He gives Himself fully to anyone who asks.

Jesus’ warmth and generosity would have been felt by any who came close to Him. People were drawn to Him like a magnet. They didn’t feel condemned, intimidated or unworthy to be in His presence. They felt welcome and wanted.

The only time Jesus was harsh, critical and judging was of the people who were themselves being harsh, critical and judging. It’s wrong and we have no place doing it.

People are already carrying burdens so great and they are aware of their own burdens. The last thing they need is some overly religious Christian coming along and pointing the finger at them.

Jesus won people over by His love. We should be doing the same. I pray all the time for greater capacity to love. God knows we need help in this area. He’s OK with our asking.

Love people, forgive, show mercy and kindness and we will have people saying, I like these Christians, they are like their Christ.