There must come a time where people in North American churches care more about the integrity of the church and the reputation of Jesus and the spreading of the gospel than their own comfort and convenience and opportunity, and even their bank account.

Well that sounds a little self-sacrificial…

Does it?

In countries where Christians are not thinking about their comfort, convenience, opportunity, or bank account–because they’re too busy trying to stay alive or out of jail as they spread the gospel–God’s church is experiencing revival. Revival such that leadership cannot keep up with the growth God is bringing. Literally, their churches are being overwhelmed with such large numbers of people, they are signaling for help, as in Luke 5 where Jesus brings the large catch of fish.


The care and concern is not for themselves, not self-satisfying, not self-fulfilling, but a spiritual concern for the lost and dying people around them, a brokenness for the people around themeven their persecutors. This changes the way a person thinks and prays and lives. It’s no longer self-centered thinking or praying, but outward-focused, other-people-focused and Christ-focused thinking and praying. This consumes their whole life. Others consume them.

If we want revival in America, we have to care more about others than we do ourselves. We have to care more about people’s spiritual status, their heart, their comfort, their spiritual destination, more than anything else.

It’s good to ask ourselves what consumes me? What do I care more about? Is it others? Is it truly others?