Four weeks ago on a Sunday morning (October 21, 2018), the Lord showed me an important prophetic vision for the church. It played out in front of me for about 15 minutes, like a movie.

I was sitting with the Father and saw the horizon unfolding in front of His throne. It was filled with millions of people. The horizon started to move as if it was rolling under the throne, fast. The throne wasn’t moving, the horizon was moving as God inspected it.

It became apparent that time is what was moving and I started seeing people groups through different periods of time. I saw early Adam and Eve, hunter-gatherer people groups, and medieval times. I saw ancient wars, Alexander the Great, and I saw newer wars. I saw a scene from WW1.

Periodically interspersed among the people were very tall demon figures, maybe three or four of them at a time. They stood easily half a mile tall. They looked like they were standing watch over their plans for the people.

Then the horizon changed. I saw it filled with every kind of small and large building. Newer buildings and some very old ones. They were churches. Some had crosses on top. There were many different sizes, shapes, colors, and building styles. Some were giant cathedrals. Some were small stone structures. Others were plain brick buildings. Every kind of church and denomination was represented. The churches were tightly packed together but clearly distinct from each other. There were thousands of them.

As I kept looking, I saw a very large church cathedral, the length of a football field, made of stone. It had been run through with an even larger spear. The spear passed through the roof on one end, and out the side of the opposite end. The spear was not like any human-built weapon. It was grey and had what looked like ancient carvings or something etched into it, maybe some kind of writing. The spear looked weirdly ornate, decorative even, it had a fascinating attraction, had it not the look of death and destruction upon it.

The spear was lodged in the church, and I knew it had been there for centuries. Where the spear had lodged into the building, the walls had been broken down, and no one had made efforts to rebuild them. Yet busy activity had continued in the church as if people were unaware of the damage. The people were oblivious to the spear and oblivious to the crumbling broken-down walls.

Then I noticed many other churches had similar demonic weapon attacks. Again I saw the large demonic figures standing watch as countless smaller demons were running in and around the churches carrying out their assignments.

This bothered me because I know there are so many more angels than demons. And God is the One who has all the power. So I asked Holy Spirit, “Where are all Your angels?” Then I started to see the angels. They were big and strong, but their hands were tied. I could see the handcuffs. I had an immediate Spirit-given impression that their hands were tied because of prayerlessness in the church.

Holy Spirit began to say, “My people are prayerless, and so enact their own wills for their lives, especially in their churches. They have no power of God in them. They have only the human plans and wisdom of men, and therefore are powerless against the attacks of the enemy. They are blind to the giant spears that run through their churches in the spirit realm. BUT the slightest turn of their hearts back to me, the weakest whimper for help, is heard in Heaven and resounds upon the earth. The smallest cry for help causes a spiritual earthquake that reverberates and pulses through the spiritual realm.

As He said that, I saw the horizon full of churches be picked up and shaken out like a blanket. A large ripple spread across the horizon affecting every church. It caused confusion in the demonic forces. Weapons that had been lodged in churches were being dislodged and falling to the ground. Their demonic assignments had been broken. They were completely undone. Powerless. The enemy was confused and scattered.

I saw the sides of the churches coming together. They were being mended, being made whole. I had the sense there was a spiritual healing taking place in the lives of many people within them. As the walls were repaired, it was clear they weren’t physical buildings with physical stones. The walls were the people of God who make up the spiritual house of God: brick-upon-brick, life-upon-life.

We are living stones, 1 Peter 2:4-5.

Then I saw Jesus, and He was standing on the left side of the horizon. He was so large that He overshadowed the horizon. The biggest church would have been smaller the His little finger. As all the churches—made up of the living stones, the people—turned and oriented themselves toward Jesus, the individual churches and all their distinctions disappeared as they grew into one very large congregation that began worshipping Jesus in unison.

The vision ended.

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