In the hidden place our faith is ignited.

In the hidden place God does His best work in our heart.

In the hidden place God teaches us and we learn to hear and properly respond to His voice.

In the hidden place God deals with us. He probes and examines our heart–this can be painful. But in the hidden place, God makes Himself powerfully present, so any pain is superseded by His presence.

And there in the hidden place, we find all of life is superseded by His presence.

The hidden place becomes addictive because we find we cannot live without the fullness of His presence.

The hidden place is a place away from the noise of the crowd, away from the distraction of life. It’s the place we go and prioritize God, to pray, read His Word, worship, and press into Him. There is no other person there, no digital device, just Him.

The hidden place is not spectacular. No one else sees. No one applauds. There is no accompanying choir to sing alleluia’s. No Instagram follower can click ‘like’ to validate the time spent.

It’s hidden because it’s a private place away from the eyes of people. Maybe that’s why so few of us value the hidden place…

But, it’s the only place God makes Himself intimately known to us.

God desperately wants to be intimate with us…