God does not reveal much of Himself to the casual seeker. Oh, He wants to. He wants them saved and delivered and secured in His Kingdom. But God is not a casual God. He’s not apathetic. He’s not sleepy. He’s not indifferent. God is 1000% invested. He passionately gives everything of Himself. He holds nothing back. God wants worshippers who will do the same.

God makes Himself known to those who diligently seek Him. To the hungry heart He gives His best food and drink. To the one who seeks Him and worshipfully gives the best of their affections to Him, God reveals Himself as Almighty-All-Powerful God, Personal friend, and affectionate lover.

This is not a weird statement to say, affectionate lover. This is the relationship God desires to have with us. A casual seeker will write this off as too weird because of their lack of hunger and their lack of spiritual insight.

When we passionately give everything to Him, holding nothing back, incredible intimate relationship with Him is our Reward.

God is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him, Hebrews 11:6