Words that don’t go together are called oxymorons: words that appear to contradict each other, yet are placed together.

  • jumbo shrimp
  • autopilot
  • junk food
  • bitter sweet
  • pretty ugly
  • cold sweat
  • arrogant christian

Wait what? Arrogant Christian? We hear this a lot don’t we! Follow the definitions below…

Arrogant – having or revealing a greatly exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. Entitled. Haughty. Conceited. Snobbish-smug. Superiority complex.

Christian – people who are to be known by their love and service to others. People who are to imitate Jesus.

Arrogant christian as oxymoron – now is more than contradictory words, it is contradictory character traits placed together.

Oxymoron – root words: oxys and moron.

Oxys – sharp, eager, piercing.

Moron – stupid person.

Stupid person – Cretan, or cretin.

Cretans – Cretans are always liars, hurtful beasts, idle and lazy gluttons, Titus 1:12.

Cretans – people eagerly serving their own worldly interest under the false pretense of religion, which is also arrogant self-serving. Those are words that go together: arrogant self-serving.

Self-serving – selfishness. This is the real motive behind arrogance.

Self-serving – wisdom says don’t be self-serving and stay away from people who are.

Arrogant – A character trait that does not go with the word Christian.

An arrogant christian is a moron, a cretan devoid of any understanding that we are here to love and serve others; not behave as if others are here to serve us. They push and force their way with people, using them for selfish gain.

And don’t go letting an arrogant christian get all altruistic and tell you they are that way, all for the greater good, because that would be conceited humility, another oxymoron.

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