The decision to faithfully obey God may not always be an easy one.¬†Sometimes God wants us to step up, or step out, and very often, He requires more of us than we are comfortable doing, or even know how or what to do. Sometimes we have to put aside fears or reservations and get a steely resolve to trust and obey Him; even if we can’t see the end and it doesn’t make sense. Especially when we can’t see the end and it doesn’t make sense.

At the exact moment we decide to obey God we gain strength, faith, and focus to do what He asks of us. He graces us with His strength to walk in His purposes and follow His path. 

When we get in the habit of faithfully obeying, our life becomes one quick, willing, and obedient response to everything God asks of us. We become indifferent to any consequence other than that of not obeying God. Any fear, discomfort, reservation, or personal cost is not even factored in as God has shown us He will immediately meet our decision to keep obeying Him with strength, faith and focus, every time!