If our Christianity and our churches do not look like the life and ministry of Jesus, then shouldn’t we ask, “Are we following Jesus or are we following a man-invented version of Jesus?”

When our Christianity and our churches do not look like the New Testament church can’t we ask, “Is this the reason many Christians fall away disillusioned?”

Another question to ask: “Has our theology become so infected by the surrounding culture that we see success the same way the world does: fame, popularity, and money, where we value the gathering of material things and commodify people to get us there?”

I’m asking these questions in light of some very high profile Christians walking away from faith over these last few months.

If you are wondering about the word “commodify” in the context of people, it is the using of people as a means to get what I want. It is selfishly using people as if they are “things” I can use or buy and sell for my own gain. It is where I treat people as things that can earn me the other “things” I really want, like fame, popularity, money… This is the way the world works but it is completely opposite to the Kingdom of God.