If you make the choice to put yourself fully at the disposal of God, many people (read: many Christians) will not understand the choices you make.

Many people may look and wonder if you’ve missed God, or messed up somewhere.

Many people will misunderstand you. Judge you. Put you in a box! (read here: Don’t put people in a box)

Many people will greatly underestimate you. Minimize you. Undervalue you. Push you aside… Because you’re different.

Many people will think you are crazy and throwing away your life.

Sadly, it can even be those closest to you. Or those that should have encouraged you. Or those that you have given the most to…

But because you’ve given the whole of your life to God, you won’t care a lick because what matters is to be fully faithful to God’s will no matter the cost.

Therein lies the challenge… The cost is not small. And not without pain.

Are you willing to chase down God’s will and live faithfully in it anyway?