Many of us say we want revival, but I do wonder…

The realities of revival are far too costly for many because the cost is borne primarily by our flesh. But this is exactly what God is looking for, our willingness to kill die to our flesh… Crucify it.

Revival means the breaking up of pride in our hearts. This is a deep and sometimes painful work God does in us. Without this breaking we are of little use to God.

Revival is incredibly humbling and everything in our flesh fights humility.

Revival forces our complete dependence on God. We don’t like to admit to our insufficiencies. Our utter abasement is too much to face because we like to look at our worldly successes as if they have spiritual value. They don’t. Same with our church-world successes. We like to think they make us a church-world-somebody. They don’t. Revival forces the truth that Jesus is the Somebody. We are to worship and exalt Him alone.

Revival shows our mistaken tendency toward comparison with others: our judgements of self-worthiness.

Revival is messy and out of our control. It’s not cool. And we can face persecution from those outside the church, but far worst, from those inside the church; the greatest impediment to revival has come from inside the church. Too often, instead of revival, leaders seek to keep things orderly, force conformity, use bible verses to support actions, and call it excellence. This is not excellence, it’s just manipulative and while many people may be persuaded of the good intentions, God never is… and revival doesn’t touch that church.

Revival is work. It’s messy work.

Revival cannot be controlled or scheduled by man.

Revival removes man from the center as glory is rightly reassigned to God.

In times of revival hierarchies come tumbling down. Titles, position, and prestige are all beautifully swept away. But too many of us church leaders love our titles, position, and prestige, to allow God to overwhelm us and sweep that junk away. Oh, how we grieve and limit the Holy Spirit…

Revival praying is too much work for us because revival praying withers all that is flesh. It’s easier to not pray and easier to make excuses–very good biblical-sounding excuses–than to really allow God to have His way…

So, I’ll ask again, Are you for revival?

I am. It is the only thing that will change our churches and cities and nations. Look around, we desperately need it.