God isn’t looking for us to be spectacularly gifted, or have spectacular abilities, or possess spectacular talents.

He’s not impressed by spectacular feats of strength, a spectacular education, or the ability to spectacularly impress and influence other people.

He cares very little about our spectacular positions, titles, status, or fame.

He cares even less about our bank accounts and any spectacular thing a large bank account can bring our way.

I guess this is a little hard for some people to understand because, generally, people are very easily impressed by gifts, status, fame, material things…

What God is looking for is spectacular repentance that keeps us humble and in awe of how SPECTACULAR He is and what He has done and continues to do for us.

Then, He looks for faith that brings radical obedience to His will. This always includes spectacular service and generosity toward others, lifting others and giving dignity to others. God calls this life spectacular.

When we, in loving worship, give ourselves fully to God, live in complete dependence on Him, and hold nothing back from Him, He thinks this is spectacularly spectacular!