What’s in my heart will be my prevailing conversation. I might talk about other things, but I will keep coming back to the theme of my heart.

We can’t help it. The thing we love the most will leak out of us. We cannot stop it. We start to talk about other things, but we will come back, again and again, to the thing that holds our greatest affection. Jesus said, the mouth speaks what the heart is full of, Luke 6:45.

Some people leak Jesus, beautifully. They leak the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and it affects great change in the lives of people all around them. It seems as if they leak the very fresh air of heaven. This is God’s intention for our lives: that we would leak His love, His presence and power, and that heaven would be felt through our lives. This is what Jesus meant when He said, the kingdom of God is within you, in your hearts and among you, surrounding you, Luke 17:21AMP.

But if our hearts are full of the self, money, the things money can buy, or whatever other idol has our heart, these will be our prevailing conversations. Occasionally we may talk about Jesus and his kingdom, but inevitably we will again start talking about whatever has our heart. We cannot help it. We were created this way, the mouth speaks what the heart is full of, Luke 6:45.

God’s intention however, is that we would be filled with Him. We were created to be carriers of His presence and power, and He wants to flow out of our lives like a river of living water, John 7:38.

We are to leak Jesus all over people. Jesus wants to be our prevailing conversation. He wants to be what our heart is full of.