Do we ask God to bless our plans?

Or, do we ask…

God show me Your plans and bless me as I make them mine!

That is, give me everything I need to fulfill Your plans!

There is a very big difference.

One leads to a life of fitful striving, bumping along on our own steam, maybe even a frustrated spinning of our wheels feeling like we get nowhere. Even if these plans bring a level of success, it’s been by the toil and the sweat of our own brow; desperately hoping that somehow God will bless us along the way. He’s very gracious and often does, but…

The other is a life lived doing everything faithfully and obediently, as God initiates, guides, and empowers us. No more. No less.

There is nothing like the great privilege of getting in on God’s plans. Continually hearing His guiding whisper saying, this is the way, walk in it (Isaiah 30:21). This is true success. No measure of worldly success comes close. There is no anxious striving or competing with others, just slipstreaming in the plans of God.

If we spend our lives cooperating with what God is doing, in every situation, His blessing and favor follow us everywhere, our whole life long.