The Church is stunningly beautiful. I’m talking about God’s people. God’s people are stunningly beautiful. God, our Father, thinks so. He loves us and welcomes us all into His family, the Church.

Jesus is the Head of the Church. It is through Jesus’ death and resurrection that we are welcomed into the Church.

The Church looks different all over the planet. People look different, speak different languages, have different cultures, and personalities. The one thing that unites us all is Jesus.

God wants to reach the world with His message of love and salvation through Jesus Christ and His primary method is through His people, the Church.

This blog will talk about the freedom we have in Christ, what motivates, what frustrates, what brings us down, and what lifts our faith. My hope is that people will be moved closer to God in intimacy, be stretched in thinking and faith, that our expectation would grow exponentially, that we would realize who we are in Him, and what God wants to do through us… reach the world for HIM.

Who owns the Church?