The first time a car drives down a snow covered road, it moves slowly and carefully and it creates a track.  The next car will very likely follow the same track because the track is a little easier and little faster to navigate.  The third car will quickly find the track and follow it.

Every car now traveling down the road is increasing the ease and pace of the track making it more obvious to other cars.  They have made the track a little deeper and wider and slick with the hard packed snow.  They have made the road very easy to travel down and it’s fast now, not the slow crawl made by the first car.

Once on the track a car will have a very hard time getting off.  The wheels will not easily jump off the track, the snow can be as deep as the tire itself.  It will take the car a lot of effort to get up and out of the track and onto fresh snow, where the car will have the hard work of starting a new track.  It’s difficult.

Our thinking works the same way.  A thought that is thought and re-thought and re-thought, reinforces that line of thinking in our mind.  Just like the tracks in the snow, each time we have the same thought we are ensuring the next time will be easier and will ensure we get to our destination faster.

Well-worn tracks in our thinking can take us to destinations we’d rather not be.  Negative thinking, holding grudges, carrying hurts, poor self-image, anxious thoughts, worry; those thoughts will take us to a destination of abysmal self-pity and depression.

The more practiced we are in that thinking the harder it is to stop it.  The more we think and dwell on those thoughts, the harder it becomes to change our thinking to something more positive and the faster we end up in a pit in our thinking.

BUT  If we are continually thinking faith thoughts, appreciating and thankful to God, thinking of bible verses, thinking of all the God possibilities on the planet, the people He wants us to reach, then those tracks take us to a destination of greater faith.

When we pay close attention to something, the closer we listen, the more understanding we will be given—and we will receive even more, Mark 4:24 (NLT).  If we are paying attention to God and all that He says about the world we will train the tracks of our thinking right to God and all that He has for us.

Are you paying attention to your thinking?

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