God stated it right from the very beginning…

As soon as God introduced Eve to Adam, Adam sang these words, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”, Genesis, 2:23.

Adam was declaring their oneness. The unique nature of shared oneness in the marriage relationship between a man and woman. These words are the first recorded words spoken by a human in the bible: Adam in the garden, singing about his wife. And the Holy Spirit chose to record this in His Word, and not by accident or as some incidental detail.

In the next verse it is declared that a man should value a woman so highly that he will give up everything he has–literally everything–including the very people who brought him into the world and raised him–his parents–to be joined to his wife, “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh,” Genesis 2:24.

From the beginning God is stating women’s extreme high worth and value.

Human history does not reflect God’s value. Much of Church history doesn’t reflect God’s value. This is not because God changed His view. It is because of people’s sinful hearts.

When people use the bible to say women are inferior, or use the bible to limit what women do in church, they are using the Word of God to manipulate. Manipulation is as the sin of witchcraft. It’s one more device the devil uses to mock God’s people in his attempt to destroy humanity. The devil mocks the pride in the man teaching women to sit down and take their lower place. And he mocks the woman oppressed by this false teaching. It’s one of the devils oldest tactics. If he can put down the woman he can put down a full half of God’s people, rendering God’s army impotent. What a successful military campaign.

God said to the devil, “… I will put enmity between you and the woman…” (Genesis 3:15) and the devil has roared loudest against women ever since. He hates men and women, but their has been a special hatred vented upon women.   

Putting down half the world’s population has been a successful demonic device. It has been taught and believed by many that women are less than men, inferior, deserving of less dignity, less worth, cannot contribute anything of significance, cannot lead, cannot speak. This has ensured multiplied millions of women have gone to their graves without fulfilling their God-given assignments, while the devil laughs.

In the Church women have been sat down, shamed into being quiet, shut-up and tied up by oppressive teaching, and have not fulfilled their God-given purpose.

We cannot be surprised when we look at culture today and wonder what’s happened? Fully one half of the God’s people have been told they don’t have a role to play, or if they do, it’s of less value.

We have only half of God’s people working in God’s harvest field. 

Women are highly valued by God and have a vital role to play in His plan of salvation for the world. We need men and women in the Kingdom to stand up and confidently run the race God has called them to run, irrespective of gender.

All people, all people, all races, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, every age, everyone is highly valued by God. God doesn’t call and give gifts to people based on race or gender (Galatians 3:21). Everyone who follows Jesus has a God-assignement, a significant job to do in God’s Kingdom. It is to spread the gospel and make disciples of everyone, everywhere. This job is big. It requires 100% of God’s people, men and women, to be engaged in it.