If you want to be someone who gets in on what Jesus is doing in His church, determine to be someone who will:

  • not play games
  • stay away from bureaucratic politicking
  • stay away from self-professed experts
  • not be bullied by peer-pressure, nor be a bully
  • not be manipulative
  • don’t gossip–not ever
  • live honestly
  • live humbly
  • live according to the Word
  • follow Jesus, eyes only on Him
  • serve
  • love people

Why am I writing this? Because we too easily get in the way of what God wants to do when we start playing games.

Power games and political games reveal an arrogant heart lifted up in competition with another person. It’s a heart full of agenda. It’s loveless.

Manipulation, bullying, peer pressure, all loveless. It’s using our brothers and sisters to get what we want.

The single purpose of gossip is to make me look or feel good–advance me–while making another look bad, pulling them down by creating doubt or suspicion. Again, loveless. It’s self-centered.

A dishonest heart before people shows a heart that is not honest with God–the relationship is shallow, or stale, or maybe there isn’t one.

Over and over Jesus showed us how to love and prefer others. He told us not to look at others jealously or longingly. But to keep our eyes on Him and follow Him only.

We are not in competition with our brothers and sisters.

In relation to Peter having his eyes on John’s close relationship with Jesus and John’s calling, Jesus said to Peter, if I want him (John) to remain alive until I return? What is that to you (Peter)? You just follow me… John 21:20-23.

Jesus was stating the ridiculous to say to Peter, Don’t look at John. You be responsible for you, and do what I’ve called you to do. He was saying, Don’t play games with who gets to do what in the church. Just follow me.

My daily prayer

January 7, 2015

Whenever I walk out my front door, every single person I lay my eyes on, no matter where I am, no matter who it is, my thoughts turn to thinking about that persons eternal destination and the status of their heart before God.

I can be in a restaurant, a grocery store, stopped at a traffic light-looking across at the people in the next car, at school, at church. I can be mid conversation with someone…

And I’ll be thinking (praying) Jesus, do they know you? I pray they would know You and give their life completely into Your hands. If they know you Jesus, are they living white-hot passionately following you? I pray they would.

A dangerous cliche

January 3, 2015

For more than 30 years I’ve heard this cliché:

“Two thirds of GOD’s name is GO”

Sounds good doesn’t it! Get up and get busy serving!

But now after 30 years, I see people busy “going” every-which-way and neglecting the one third, PRAYER

But prayer is more than just one third…

“Pray without ceasing”
~the Apostle Paul

I think I’ll listen to Paul, not people speaking in clichés.