Crazy Christian!

October 29, 2014

We cannot separate the life we have on Sunday, where we turn up to worship Jesus, hear a great word, have the right spiritual-sounding things to say, maybe occupy a front row seat, maybe even hold a (perceived) important title, and then turn around and live the rest of the week a different person.

The world a has a name for this, it’s split personality disorder. Sometimes called, multiple personality disorder. And recently it has been given a new name: dissociative identity disorder.

It’s not politically correct, but in the past people with split personality would have been called crazy, or insane.

If we are so practiced at looking the part of the good Christian in front of the right people, then willfully turn around and exploit people, work underhandedly, dishonestly gossip, willfully ruin a reputation, etc, we are dissociating ourselves from the life of Jesus. We dissociate ourselves from His identity.

We literally have multiple personalities. We have a Christian personality, lived out in front of some people. And then, a very non-christian personality lived selfishly and uncaringly, as if we are the only people who matter.

Spiritually speaking, we have a split personality–a split-spiritual-personality. This is a crazy way to live. It leads to mood swings, frustration, and confusion. Happy one day, unhappy the next. Unsettled and anxious on the inside. Our faith wanes and insecurity will rule in our heart because we have are living a double life–this is spiritual insanity, CRAZY!! 

No christian is perfect. Only Jesus is perfect. We make mistakes–plenty of mistakes. But the difference is WILLFULNESS. 

Willfully tolerating sin in our heart, making excuses–self-defending lies, having watered-down convictions, brings this double life. We invite the crazy! We invite the devil to have a field day in our lives. This is insane! 

But, if we are open and honest before Jesus, committing to fully follow Him, we will daily reflect more of Him. There will be an ongoing transformation in our life. Our motivations change. Our life will be marked by warmth, generosity, and great love toward others.

And, our life will be marked by CONSISTENCY because Jesus Himself is consistent and true to His infallibly good nature.

God wants the life of Jesus to be fully formed in us, Ephesians 4:13. His character. His nature. His grace. His generosity. His truth. Jesus is Truth personified. There is a Oneness. A singleness that is consistentalways the same. His nature is unchanging.

There is nothing crazy, insane, or inconsistent in Jesus. There is no crazy in following Jesus. Crazy is when we halfway follow Him and a lot of the way follow our flesh.

Don’t be crazy. Follow Jesus with everything! 

Happy at a funeral

October 27, 2014

Ahh! What a title, Happy at a funeral!

If I’m happy at a funeral, does that mean I’m cold-hearted, care-less, dispassionate, or sense-less? No. Not at all. Quite the opposite.

I was at a funeral recently and for the few hours in the morning before the funeral, I was really emotional. I am not usually really emotional. But I knew what was going on…

I went for a walk to pray for the family and friends who would be attending. I called several of our prayer team to pray. I had a strong faith-filled sense that this funeral was going to be significant for many people attending.

I didn’t know the beautiful woman who had passed away. But I knew her daughter and son-in-law, who had been in our church almost ten years. They had been praying for ten years for their family’s salvation.

Just days before the lady’s passing, her son-in-law prayed with her and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

This was the hope and joy in my heart–all morning–and the sense that God was about to do so much more…

During the funeral, I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop, even though I tried. The Holy Spirit was powerfully present.

Normally, funeral’s are somber. Grief and loss set the atmosphere. But this was so different. Indomitable hope pierced the usual funeral mood.

As the message was given and the gospel preached, person after person kept responding, to give their lives to Jesus. Many of them, direct family members of the lady who had just graduated to heaven.

Heaven was partying.

So at that funeral, yep, I was happy…

Sleepy Christians

October 21, 2014

One of my sons had a soccer game this past Saturday.

The previous week, the team of 9 year olds had a bye week. A week off. They didn’t play. And, a few of the soccer practices had been cancelled due to rain. The kids hadn’t played or practiced for a few weeks.

Saturday’s game was dismal. A shambles of a game. My son had fun running all over the field with the other 9 year olds, but he was not playing soccer. He ran after the ball slowly, sleepily, barely getting his foot to the ball. They lost the game.

Do we follow Jesus this way?

Christians can take a week off church here and there, like a bye week from a soccer game…

Live prayerless and Wordless lives, the same as canceling soccer practice…

Run around a lot, have fun, look busy…

But this just leads to slow, sleepy, barely their faith–Christianity without the power of God 

Guess who loses?

We do. And so do the people who need to hear about Jesus.